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JB, extra minutes in blowouts is called "garbage time", right? Those extra minutes are the same 5 to 7 minutes guys like Jones, Arroyo and Cook get in blowouts. I'm not saying Beasley is bad or anything, and it is true that when Beasley is on as well as Wade, there is more chance of the Heat being in position to have a blowout (in its favor), but the blowout *still* isn't due, even in that case, to Beasley's extra minutes. It's due to Beasley's *efficiency* during his regular minutes. It comes down to this -- Beasley isn't given extra minutes in close games. We're not winning due to Beasley's extra minutes, because he hasn't been given the chance to get critical extra minutes. We do however win when Beasley has an efficient game in his normally limited minutes (which could lead to him getting extra minutes [along with Arroyo, Cook and James, et al] in a blowout). Anyway, enough. If you think you've discovered Beasley getting extra minutes has caused us to win so far, then there you are...
JB, do you watch the games? Beasley closes out the 4th when the games aren't in doubt.
"As great as he is, the Diva Wade has Diva issues: he tries to look good in front of the cameras, he tries to hit impossible shots at the wrong times. He tries to be like Kobe, who can hit those shots, he tries to be better than Lebron. Then he focks up, trying to make a "cute" stupid pass, or trying a long, stupid jumper with seconds left. IOW, Wade has Ego problems. As good as he is, he's just trying to look good and outplay Lebron or Kobe. That's when he focks it all up. The arrogance. Posted by: Slledge" Wade, as you said, is great. But, as you kind of said, he tried to take too much on himself -- he made th egame too much about him. [In his defense, his teamates blew a ton of shots. But anyway, he clearly tried to do more than he was capable of there at the end, if winning was the only objective]. I think he could use someone to calm him down. He came out in teh 2nd half trying to get Beasley and others involved, which was good. Perhaps he did that too much and got cold? Anyway, he (Wade) could have done with some mature guidance there -- perhaps a Popovich and Duncan, or something like that. Unfortunately, there aren't too many of those around...
posted by Goodgame: "Also im not for or against spo.. but you cannot blame this loss on him entirely.... The only thing that Spo should of done was put Carlos Arroyo in instead of Chalmers. (and I actually like chalmers)" I agree with all that. Chalmers came in and killed the momentum we had, and the 14 point lead evaporated. Chalmers started getting that look on his face that he gets when Boykins picks his pocket. Arroyo is better. Enough already.
JB -- the only times Beasley gets major minutes is when the Heat are in a blowout. He's getting all those minutes when the Heat are way up (or abysmally down) and the game isn't in doubt. He's never gotten a chance (so far) to get the big minutes in close games, as the coach goes to Haslem to finish things out (se: this past game)e
I'd like to see Quinn back in the mix too. Arroyo can hit some mid range jumpers and he can make some fancy passes, but it's like he doesn't know what to do with the ball, in general. The team BOGS DOWN when he is running things (as in, "running things into the ground"). Sure, starting points know they can take advantage of Quinn's lack of defense, but Arroyo is a career un-defender too.
I was sooo thankful Cook didn't play. Wright might not have taken a shot (actually, the box score credits him with 1, but I didn't see it), but at least he didn't waste any possesions for us. Addition by subtraction.
No more A.C., please! Been there, done that. The guy's not evil, but he's no major talent. We already have a buttload of journeymen SF's. No need to expand the journeyman platoon of PG's. What we need is some talent. Not necessarily top-tier talent, just good, solid talent. A clear (though not necessairly earth-shaking) upgrade. AC ain't that.
Heinrich (sp?) would be a nice guy to have on this team, definitely.
Cook has been just terrible. Basically since after the 3 point contest last year. I cringe whenever I see him on the court now. I do see how he can handle a bit more now, enough to drive in a bit; and I like when he occasionally does that and either continues in for a layup or stops for a high percentage 2. But basically he has been terrible on offense. Simply terrible.
"1) We don't have to sign Beasley to another contract because his rookie contract basically lasts four years (including team options) and we should have a pretty good read on how good Beasley will be by then" Yeah, we'll have a pretty good read on him, but he's young and been developing slower than projected. Team handling, his own lack of maturity, his lack of preperation from his college program, whatever -- the reality is he is seeming to come along a bit slowly compared to his potential. So, I'm saying my guess is that when his rookie contract is up, he'll have shown a lot, but there will still be questions. But that he will have shown enough that the Heat sign him to a next contract even at a significant price. As everyone says, there's just too much potential there to walk away from. Unless... "2)We also wouldn't necessarily have to trade Beasley or anyone else if we have a good chance at landing one of the other top free agents in 2010 because we wouldn't need to trade anyone to sign these guys." Unless a proven superstar becomes available. I didn't say (or mean to say) that that would mean Beasley "has to" go to make that happen, but that if that would help make a deal happen, Beasley would be gone. For example, say the Raptor's season goes downhill and the team decides to trade him before losing him. They'd probably rather trade him out of the conference. A [young, developing PF that could replace Bosh] piece like Beasley could make that deal happen *before* free agency. Other scenarios where trading Beasley would help upgrade the team (or, in the case of Boozer, argueably upgrade) the team also spring to mind. So, I'm saying that while Beasley hasn't been embraced, he's a development project (with great potential) that the Heat has invested a lot in and I expect him to be around through his rookie contract and into his next contract, at least (all things being equal). But, all things aren't equal. Riley has clearly made landing a major superstar the priority of his team, even over winning, even over a year of Wade's prime, even over appeasing Wade for the short term and getting his signature on an extension this past summer. With that in mind, he'll hardly let keeping Beasley here stand in his way if Beasley could be a piece in his "big score". My 2 cents.
My guess is that it's actually more likely Haslem, who's contract is ending, will be gone. Sure, the Heat like him better right now, but they aren't going to offer him significant money before all the free agent possibilities play out. I guess Haslem will take a good money deal from another team first, rather than waiting around until October to take the Heat's scraps. Unless there's some sort of nudge, nudge, wink, wink "just wait, we'll take care of you' thing being implied. I'm not sure that would really be the case though -- Riley is "all in' for as big a 2010 splash as he can make.
My guess is Beasley IS with the team next year. He's only 20 years old. We have to wait a few years to get a good read on him. The tendency will be to sign him to at least one contract beyond his rookie contract to see what you have after all the years of development work. That said, if a big piece becomes available (Lebron obviously, as well as other possibilities), he'll be gone as quick as Caron Butler and prized Riley acquisition Lamar Odom were when Shaq became available.
"i guess so. I just am angry that miami would have shanvik on this team, while bypassing tinsley or others." The bypassing of so many talented guys hurts, and that's a fact. That's what makes the losses so painful -- there's little real depth, and no "unknown" who could rise up and surprise everyone. Even Q Rich getting hurt leaves us with a big hole at SF (and Q Rich himself is a somewhat marginal starting small forward). Too many journeymen small forwards/combo players with expiring contracts, and not enough real talent. And yet, the team is kind of good when everything's firing. Heck, when *everything* (well, almost everything) is firing, they are quite good and it's easy to root for them. It's a strange year though -- not really rebuilding, and yet not really going for it. More "kinda" developing, and "kinda" going for it.
"making a comaprison to Shavlik isnt much of a comparison, to make your point. Its like making a beauty comparison of Chas bono." But that's who we had out there. Like I said, I was very glad to see Haslem back!
Unlike a number of you guys, I was happy with the win. I was definitely glad to see Haslem back (about 1,000x better than Shavlik Randolph or whatever his name is) and the Heat playing like a real team. Chalmers and Beasley played well too. It was the first game that I felt good about the team out of the last 3. The previous two were just sad affairs, hinting at doom. Anyway, instead of weeping over Beasley's lack of closing minutes run, I'll hold on to the memory of this win as we go through a tough stretch coming up: Orlando, Celtics, @Trailblazers, @Nuggets, @Lakers, Mavericks, Raptors, Trailblazers, Magic (with only the Griz and Wiz and Kings to soften the blow a bit). Oh, and we end up December at the Spurs. Here's hoping we catch some teams at good times and generally play above our heads, or the losses could start racking up (the Lakers, Celtics and Magic are simply better then us in general, and the Nuggets Mavs and Trailblazers are probably better than us, and finally the Raptors are apparently better than us[?!!] ). Still, in a one game series anything can happen, and this team has played quite well at times.
Some weird comments here against UD, after he came up big yet again. Not a perfect game, but he's a gamer for sure. Active rebounding and a few aggressive dunks by Beasley were good to see. Wade was back to Wade (thank heavens!) The big surprise was Chalmers. Not only did he hit some shots (which helps BIG TIME), but he was also making some nifty passes. I think Arroyo coming in has opened his eyes a little in terms of how to set guys up. It felt like we had a real point guard out there tonight. Overall, an enjoyable game to watch after a few real stinkers. Even if we had lost, it would have least felt like rooting for a real team.
"Scary. This team has such problems at the point right now. I can't see out of all the options, Arroyo ends up being the 'solution'. After sitting through the Hawks series, how could the Heat brass overlook it?" I wish we had made a play for Alston. He's not great, but he's good, he knows the Heat's approach, and he's a veteran with tons of playoff experience. And he wouldn't be an insurmountable obstacle for Chalmers to eventually overcome if he grows as a point guard. Plus, whoever would start, you'd have a good backup or starter in case of injury. Oh well.
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"They won 3 of their last 4 with wins in SA and against Orlando" Wow, they got better in a hurry.
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2009 on Heat 81, Nets 80 at Miami Heat | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
Okay, one more. I would have liked to have seen Dorrell in instead of Cook. I can understand the need to get Cook back into it, and if there was ever a game to let him find himself again, it would seem to be against an 0-9 team at home, so I can see that. But I've seen him shoot us out of too many games. When he's hot, oh boy! That changes everything. But when he's not and he's getting major minutes, that hurts. Wright, amazingly, is actually seeming more consistent.
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Last one: Good job, Udonis! They left you open, you made 'em pay. Right on. Got the rebounds we needed too.
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Oh yeah, Chris Kaman would be very nice.
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Joel Anthony played okay (better than I ever thought he would two years ago!), but JO, get well soon! Riley said his big move for this year was the JO trade last year, and that's pretty much it. That's $23,000,000 of roster sitting on the bench tonight. If he can give us $15,000,000 worth, we'll be a heck of a team (if Chalmers develops a bit, or we get another point guard).
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Beasley's improving, give him time. His shot will always be there, but I like his tougher, hustling approach the last two games. He could actually find himself fitting in here if he keeps it up. I'm not joking -- Wade will dig playing with a guy busting his butt. But it's going to be a process. When Bease is 24 he is going to be a heck of a player. Right now, he's still finding himself. For all that, if we had a do-over, I would have taken Brook Lopez. It's amazing how mature he plays. Not the guy you want as your #1 option just yet, but definitely ready to be playing in the pros.
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Great finish, but the offense sure bogs down with Arroyo running things. He always goes for the nifty bounce pass, and dribbles behind his back when walking up the court, but he penetrates indecisively, and, I'll have to watch more in coming games, but it seems like he doesn't do much off the ball. He's a better passer than Chalmers and has a fancier handle -- *and* a more reliable shot; but, the team still seems to run better with Chalmers in there (except those all-to-often nights when he can't hit *anything*). Arroyo is a good change of pace, and may improve as the season goes on, but he definitely isn't the answer at PG. When both Chalmers and Wade are out (so, Arroyo running the B Team), watch out for the Boo birds...
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