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I think the reason that the story may have traumatized some readers is because it is so the opposite of the tone of your usual blog posts. I don't even remember when I first started reading your blog. Probably soon after my first computer, a pink imac arrived on my doorstep and I stayed up all night surfin' the net on dial up. :) Good times, good times. Most of your blog posts go right over my head, because, although I love the at your fingertips answer to every random question my mind can conjure, the inner mechanisms of the machines themselves and even the relatively simple html that I am allowed to use here, are beyond my current skill set. I can't even relate to the gaming references much, aside from the sheer joy you convey in taking part in them. Another thing that helps me understand some of your posts is that I've watched a documentary that explained the difference between Trekkies and- oh crap, I just lost it. Star Wars fans? Yup, I have no hope of attaining true geekdom. However, I do think it is entirely cool that being a geek is now a status symbol. :) So why would someone so out of your particular loop read your blog? Because, as this reader posted, the world is evil enough. Listening to the news or dwelling on the negative that can occur in everyday life, is a bummer. Sometimes, I just need a shot of positive- and it kind of radiates from you. You reaffirm my belief in the basic goodness of mankind. No, seriously. When you do your personal posts, observations about life, your family, your marriage... you represent the kind of person that it is nice to know is still out there. It also causes me to reflect on my own blessings instead of the rotten crap that can so readily displace them in my mind. It's awesome that you've been able to follow your dreams of writing and performing and that you still take the time to appreciate the little things. It's just nice to see good things happen to good people for a change. It may not sound like it, but I am a basically positive person- I've just had my psyche bashed around a bit by reality- and damn, I hate it when pessimists are right about ANYTHING. So I read your posts, laugh at your jokes-even the intentionally lame ones, and shake off the negative feelings. Your blog is one of my "happy places." As for "Hunter," I liked it. The only grammatical thing that I paid any attention to was the "But if she just stood there..." thing. It caused me to re-read and kinda ruined the flow for a millisecond, but other than that it was an entertaining read. I actually enjoy a good evil story, and this one had a happy ending. That's the cool thing about fiction, you can make the bad guy pay. As I'm sure you noticed, I am also no good at the whole conveying a bunch of meaning in a short post, so twitter, facebook, and even texting can kiss my long-winded booty.
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