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Tim Dodge
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Lyla, Thank you for commenting!
Thanks, Bob! :) Lucy, in a nutshell, Employers Liability here covers an employer's legal liability for injuries to employees when those injuries are not compensable under state Workers' Compensation laws.
Mark, Congratulations on winning that battle. Don, I agree, the term "reasonable care" can be nebulous. I'm not a lawyer, but my understanding is that the standard is what an ordinary, reasonable, prudent person would do in that situation. Certainly Mark's insured appears to have met that standard. Some carriers have had success denying claims in New York based on the "where you reside" clause, but that doesn't seem to be at issue in these situations.
Carson, Good points. Thanks for posting! Tim
Tom, I agree. There's no substitute for an insurance check at renewal, and that includes a check for changes to the vehicle schedule. Tim
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Mar 15, 2010