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Bowerbird Intelligentleman
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i've built a publishing system using light-markup which can: 1a) replicate an already-printed book in .pdf form, or 1b) create a well-designed .pdf for print-on-demand, and 2a) generate _user-customized_ .mobis and .epubs, and 3a) output a wide variety of .html versions of the book 3b) for web-mounting or use in machines-with-browsers, 3c) plus social-networking annotation/discussion purposes, 4a) with links from the offline versions to the online ones, 4b) for a synergistic whole greater than the sum of the parts. i've programmed authoring-tools -- both offline and online, in multiple languages (including basic, perl, and python) -- and viewer-programs that outperform currently-existing apps. authoring is simple, since my light-markup system is easier than markdown, and more powerful, as it's geared to books. and my authoring-tools are split-screen, with plain-text on one side, and formatted output on the other, for ease of use, and a learning curve that resembles your favorite bunny slope. this will ease the distance between authors and their readers. when books are stored as plain-text files on our own machines, we remove the worry of dystopian authorities censoring them. if you'd like to see an advance look at what i've got coming, i'd be happy to show it to you. -bowerbird
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2012 on Books: Bits vs. Atoms at Coding Horror
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Apr 11, 2012