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what is our draft pick situation for next year? 2 first round picks? is one of the picks lotto protected? Heat's best starting 5, if we were honest; Wade Cook Richardson Beasley Anthony (NOT JO)
"I also don't understand why Riley goes out to say, I am not starting anybody over Chalmers, a second round pick and not the same approach is used towards Beasley, the 2nd overall pick of the draft." BRAVO!
Will never happen, best 5 for the Heat to start the season with... Wade Richardson Jones Beasley Anthony / Magloire Bench Chalmers Cook Wright Haslem JO
FREE BEASLEY...start him at PF. Jones or Richardson at SF. Haslem off the bench. is it really that hard to see? 9/11 was an inside job. checkout & watch the collapse videos.
"besides Wade winning the ship in 06, what has Riley done for the heat in the last ~13 years?" WHAT! nothing personal, but that is a dumb and ignorant thing to say... how bout playoffs, winning the division, bring us from the Seikleys, Oggs and Grant longs of the world to T Hardaway, ZO, Mash, etc, etc. winning basketball is what Riles has brought for the last 13 years. what team are you watching?
Q: Hey Ira, what do you think of putting Joel at center and slipping J.O. to power forward? I think with Chalmers, Wade and Richardson in the lineup, this could be the best defensive lineup the Heat could have. -- Emmanuel. A: Actually, Anthony would play power forward in such an alignment, something Pat Riley has spoken of as a possibility. Management remains high on Anthony. MAN, how come it is not obvious to start Beas at PF!! wow, the #2 pick in last years draft can't crack the starting lineup at his position! not from a lack of talent...
Wade and Beasley, really the only core to start with. I could care about anyone else on this team, talent wise! hope the future master plan is really the payoff we dream it will be...
"You are a drain on society, you puny, balding, spandex-wearing, seat-less bike riding DOUCHBAG!!!" WOW, hardcore.
Is there anyway to see any of the Heat preseason games on TV or the internetS? danx
and there is no way Penny could of got the ball to Randy Moss in the first fast for a duck.
"Chad has crap to throw to...we had good schemes last year and chad made a lot of plays out there with crap. Hes no Manning or anything like that, but u put him over there with randy moss and that offense and he puts up some insane numbers as well. Who made all the plays for us last year? Chad...Chad was always finding the open man in the defense and putting it right on the numbers." WOW, KB, you love Penny a whole lot. wow. man, sorry to break it you. Pennington sucks. He was a stop gap. he was hurting us with his weak arm and un-willingness to throw the ball DOWN THE FIELD. defenses stacked the line with no threat of throwing deep. terrible QB. the search is on for the Phins to finally get a good / great has been 10 years.
9/11 was an inside job World Trade Center 1, 2 & 7 were brought down by controlled demolition. Checkout & watch the collapse videos. Learn the truth.
Update, Odom is leaning towards the Heat! Yay!
Do we come to this blog to get abused, abuse others or just be heard?
the quiet before the storm...
agree with Ira on this subject. Artest is the only player on that list I would give the full mid level to? Watson would of be nice for 1/2 of it...
Don't hold your breathe...
yeah it is pretty funny, while all summer we have talked about signing or trading for; Odom Boozer Iverson AK47 Bosh Amare Sessions we ended up with ?
"Cp3 Wade Kobe Lebron Howard. At least." Don't know what the problem is...I would trade JO, Blount and Haslem for that!
NBA2k9 is the baddest! I rember Haslem in Dirks face all game, every game, in the finals. we are lucky to have a guy that can match up defensively with a 6'8" or taller offensive weapon on the other team. know one else on the team brings what Haslem does. Beasley is going to be a future all star. but like it or not Haslem will still start until we either get rid of him or bring in a quality SF. I would love wright but he is not starting over Haslem, with Spo as coach. 09/ 10 season, starting 5; Chalmers Wade B Easy Haslem J.O.
"Haslem is a piece of crap and this year will be his last with Miami!" KR, now I am down with you on Beas being a super stud for years to come and fantasy or not, we should do everything we can to target Bron Bron. BUT Haslem = crap. NO way man. you can't be a real Heat fan and think Haslem is crap. You should be grateful for what Haslem has given us through the years. He is truly a warrior, constant hustle, great defense (remember what he did to Dirk?), vocal leader, plays center when needed and leaves blood, sweat and tears on the court. no need to rip Haslem b/c we love Beas!
I meant to sign TWO max FA?
"...Then, Ferry ate lebrons cap and they have no future, then walsh took over NY and now they cant sign 2 maxes, whethers its any 2 stars, and per the NBA cap rules, Only Miami can sign 2 maxes and have enuff left over for another Free Agent." Dom, I assume any team, including the Knicks or Cavs, could trade a good high paid player to free up enough space to sign to max FA? no?
"But until LeBron James recommits to the Cavaliers and until Chris Bosh re-ups with the Raptors, there still is hope. And that hope is worth more than mucking up the salary cap with otherwise middling talents. You wanted more Michael Beasley? You'll get exactly that now. Because now, 2009-10 is as much about Michael Beasley as it is any Heat player this side of Dwyane Wade" YES, no more middling talents, MUCH MORE B EASY!
WOW, Ira's got me feelin' betta already! maybe there is a player out there that would be, younger, more talented, a better scorer and defender....hmmmm, how bout #23?