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spencer, iowa usa
enjoy the simple pleasures in life!
Interests: travel, reading, creating art, being outside, love, photography, old movies, music
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Thank you so much Amanda for your kind words! I had no idea there were blogs just about the arc!!! I'm going to keep checking yours! And thank you so much for adding a link to my book, I have had tons of visitors to my blog because of it! I just posted about my first week in my book and have another post coming up soon. I have two other arc books if you care to see them too. One is a weather journal and December daily 2012 you can find them in my categories. I don't have them marked as Arc books, going to do that now. xoxo Julie
I can not believe you have those same papers!!! I wish so bad I could get more!!! Glad you like my planner, I've never used one before and I am having so much fun with it! Happy anniversary and how exciting you are getting a real Filofax!!!!! And all the way from England!!!! Yippie!!!
Thank you so very much DeeAnn, and for all your comments, they mean the world to me! Sorry I am slow in responding to older ones. I get so far behind sometimes but today I plan on being caught up! Sometimes I have a lot from my shop too and Instagram . I love getting to know my friends online.
Thank you DeeAnn for the good wishes, I can not believe you got your house for so cheap! Lucky you but so sad for the seller! Were still trying to stay positive . Lots of interest - no more offers yet......
i love to write poetry and when this vintage illustration inspired me, i sat right down and created one to go with it. i chose the map pages as my base in the simple style orange smash book. i used colored pencils to lightly color in the clouds and a... Continue reading
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i am having so much fun playing in my new book! i want to share with you the first week of pages. of course i got some smashing mixed in too! i finally got film for my Instax mini camera again and Amazon threw in a free pack of ten... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at iowajewels collage treasures
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Apr 6, 2014
I've seen those posters before but not the video. Love it brought to life!!! 25 is great too, they all are!!!!!!
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Number 4 is the best!!!! Great list!!!
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2014 on 29 ways to stay creative at Give a Girl a Blog
Oh and that list pad with the hot pink lines! I saw it at Target and talked myself out it and now I could kick myself hard!!!!
My favorite drawings are Carmen's shadow and the sun in your face!!! Amazing idea, never heard of doing that before with the carbon paper, I love it!!!! Awesome book, you are amazing!!!!
I've been thinking a lot about the ocean lately, as the time gets closer for me to be nearer to its magic beauty. I have always loved the sea, long before I ever saw it. Life is hard for me so far away from its sights, sounds and smells. I... Continue reading
Posted Apr 3, 2014 at iowajewels collage treasures
So sad! I guess it wasn't meant to be, I just wasn't fast enough, thanks for being so sweet to answer,. So happy for you things are selling so fast in your shop!!!!
Hopefully I didn't miss the empire stamp, if I did I will cry so I don't even want to know! Great new kit love all you designs!!!!
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Apr 2, 2014
for once i am sharing these photos on my blog before Instagram! Since i just finished my everyday life Smash book and don't want to start a new one until we move i decided to do something in between. i am totally smitten with all the adorable planners and Filofaxs... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2014 at iowajewels collage treasures
Oh my that would be so wonderful!!! Please let me know if you do put those Empire State kits up for sale, I would die if I missed them. I would pay you today if you would let me! My email is xoxoxox
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the last couple of weeks have had a lot of ups and downs. there has been quit a few showings each complete with hours of cleaning before hand then sitting in our car with our cat for an hour and ending with no offers. well except for one ridiculous low... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2014 at iowajewels collage treasures
Are you going to share a post on your NYC workshop where you used that to die for Empire State stamp? I saw it stamped in rainbow colors and my heart totally flip flopped! Still dreaming that there would be an extra to sell... I would love to see photos from the event even if I can't have a stamp. I want so much to design stamps , I have so many great ideas but no graphic design training. I've looked into custom stamps at Simon Says Stamps but only see the option of wood mounted ones. How did you get clear ones made? Thanks so much.
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iowajewel added a favorite at Amanda Rose blog
Mar 28, 2014
thanks DeeAnn, we have not been so lucky....5 showings now and one offer for $15,000.00 less than our asking price! very sad and disappointing. when we countered they would not come up at all. so we have an open house this sunday. omg! i am super stressed now with having an agent, i am sure i would of died if we were doing it alone. i know it will all work out but the waiting and not knowing is killing me. we found a great place to rent in Nashua but they are only two places available. one in 3 weeks (so that is out) and one mid june. so that is our new goal now. thank you for the good wishes, it means so much. i am so glad you found a great home. and i know the perfect person is out there for ours.....
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2014 on House For Sale! at iowajewels collage treasures
thanks Robyn, we had an offer for $15,000.00 less then our asking price and when we countered they wouldn't come up at all! very disappointing and stressful! we have an open house on sunday.....hopefully something will come from it.
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2014 on House For Sale! at iowajewels collage treasures
thank you Sharon! now it is just a waiting game..... everything is about packed that can be for now. i am trying to resist the urge to open every box and get rid of half of what is in each one! our daughter is great, she is working 2 jobs to save money for when we move. her new boyfriend is moving with her. they will stay with us for a month or so while they get jobs and find a place to live. it is very exciting but hard. we got an offer on the house and it was crazy low and they wouldn't come up so we are starting over again...we even have a place picked out to rent out there but have no idea if our house will sell in time. we have an open house on sunday.....
you make me so happy! thank you so much for your sweet comments. i am so happy to have inspired you. i seem to have endless ideas for smash pages, i probably only do half of them, there just isn't time in my days to do them all. sometimes i do write ideas down....