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I don't disagree with you that my statement was a generalization. It was, although I never used the word "all" and I was mainly referring to personal experiences with ultra-conservative fundamentalist members of my family and most of my co-workers. In my personal experience, I've never met, seen or heard of a Christian who was not bigoted in some way against some group of people. I am excluding from this list a few misguided but still awesome Unitarian acquaintances, because I do not personally consider Unitarians to be Christians. And yes, I am sorry, but agreeing with the Catholic Church on the this issue does, indeed, make you a bigot. And once again, this really does not have anything at all to do with free speech.
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You're awesome, Wil, but you were right the first time. They are bigots. The free speech thing is a smokescreen. They are fully aware that they're bigots and they're proud of it. Bigotry seems to confer a twisted kind of social status among teabaggers. They're far more offended at being called jerks.
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Congrats, Wil! Fawkes is awesome! Haven't read the comic yet, but I want to pretty badly. Something to look forward to.
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Happy birthday, Wil! I'm 35 and always have to do math to figure out my age as well, so no worries. Also, I think Spock pretty much mirrors my feelings on the infamous clown sweater.
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Hey, Wil. Long-time fan and Wesley-lover, long-time blog reader (from before Exile, sometime around 01-02), first time commenter. Slightly ashamed I've never commented before. I know how important feedback is, but I've been battling my own Voice of Self-Doubt for a long time and it does make commenting uncomfortable. Anyway, I'm incredibly happy that you're feeling some renewed interest in blogging. I'd miss this a great deal. Also, sharply veering off topic, wanted to do something I should have done before: thank you and your Mom for the post on Celiac Disease. When I read it I thought instantly, "OMFG, that's what's been wrong with me all these years!" As much as it is totally devastating, and I'm still trying to come to terms with the disease and all of its implications, I do very much appreciate finally knowing what it is. Thanks again, for everything.
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Jul 5, 2011