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Barack is a joke and his handlers know there is no way they want him doing Q/A with a room from of reporters. The Barack adminstration basically sucks but I do find it very entertaining. Every time Joe Biden opens that pie-hole brings a smile to me. Joe, they aren't laughing at your jokes, they are laughing (and crying) at the Vice President. I love Michelle's photo ops. The Target one was my favourite. The NASCAR one was almost as good but what I love the most about the First Lady is her telling us to eat right. Then she turns around is eats unhealthly. I bet her bodyfat ratio is over 30% but she is the expert. The jumping jack record was another funny phote op. And the last clown is the press secretary Robert Gibbs. He reminds me of Baghdad Bob.
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I'm not outraged one bit. These soldiers are young men and men of any age make foolish mistakes. What irritates me is when someone like Nidal Malik Hasanl kills 13 people, the media makes excuses why he was motivated to kill (America is EVIL)? We must tolerate even the most radial muslims because we just don't understand how upset they are at America. Then some nut case preacher decides to burn a koran in Florida and that is an indictment of all American people. I don't care about the peeing and the taliban didn't either because they were dead. All taliban soldiers should meet their maker and get their 72 virgins. Allah must be working overtime making virgins. Personally if I was a unit leader, I would train my soldiers not to ever take videos of anything that could outrage a 10th century Afgan citizen living in the 21st century. That would mean there would be no videos (or pictures). One thing I didn't enjoy about this was the videos of fat Hillary saying how outraged she was. I wonder if she has any Afgan in her?
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I was going to say it was ironic that we have some jive talking turkey pardoning a turkey! Someone beat me to it! Also, was that canned laughter at his attempts to be funny! I don't know what is worse, the president's lack of common sense or his staff's lack of common sense. It seems the White House thinks the Americans are idiots and we will believe the words Barack Obama reads from the teleprompter. It seems the Barack Obama reelection campaign plans to make Barack and Michelle, people like us. Michelle shops at Target, Michelle and Jill go to a NASCAR race to say "Start Your Engines" and now the White House will have Country Music Night with COWBOY Barack mc'ing! I can't wait for it! I can see COWBOY Barack riding a shetland pony (similar to his bicycle picture except wearing a big ole cowboy hat instead of his girlish bicycle helmet).
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The best part of the OWS movement is the entertainment value. You can't buy this type of stupidity and hypocrisy.
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The past few weeks, I have reviewed the OWS stuff on the web. I get so many laughs and I always feel a lot smarter than I really am (compared to the Occupidiots). There was a OWS protest in Houston this past Friday. I wanted to go but I had commitments at work and I needed to pay my bills. Why couldn't I be one of the cool people and spout idiotic things that made no sense and then prance around like I was saving the country. They typed (with an electric typewriter) on a piece of paper the statement "Dear people at the top, I want to know one thing, what is the difference between you up there and us down here?" Then they tied it to a helium balloon and the people at the top of the skyscrapers were to read the note while the balloon floated up. We all know what the difference is. The people at the top want to work, they take bathes, they can tie their shoes and they don't live with mommy and daddy! The picture shows an electric typewrite so I'm not sure where they got electricity to operate it (it was done on a down-town sidewalk). The bank only occupied the bottom floors and other businesses leased the top floors. I know, the protesters said it was symbolic! My three legged dog has more sense than these protesters. I believe you could see daylight if you looked into the ear of a OWS protester!
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I believe you can look into the ear of one of these protesters and see daylight from the other ear. Which protester was my favorite? There were just too many that I got to laugh at. Why would anyone want John Lewis to show up for their cause? He is like the Grim Reaper, when he shows up, bad news is happening! Who was the nutcase with the megaphone? Barack may want to hire him to do the daily briefings at the White House!
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