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Iowa-> London-> Connecticut-> NYC
When I grow up, I want to be Michael Wood, Bill Bryson, or Stewie Griffin. When in doubt, quote or paraphrase Gore Vidal.
Interests: Exploring history through books and documentaries, especially ancient, medieval, ecclesiastical, and military history; also, I enjoy mythopoeia, British television comedies and crime dramas, and British history. I like myself a bit of politics, but maybe less the older I get. Some elements of design, too, intrigue me, especially heraldry, vexillology, but also graphic design in general, from product labels to typography. I'm also interested in beers and spirits, human genetics, and photography, especially landscapes. I'd oddly keen on cats, but I like dogs, too. Listing something above does not imply my practice or even particularly impressive knowledge of it. When I grow up, I want to be Michael Wood, Bill Bryson (a fellow Hawkeye Anglophile), or Stewie Griffin. I'll use the Oxford comma until I die.