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Islandport Press
Yarmouth, Maine
Award-winning independent publisher dedicated to producing quality books about Maine and Northern New England
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Islandport Press details their favorite books for fall. Continue reading
Posted Oct 7, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
Islandport Press creates memorable story walks to get kids and parents outside, while also engaging them in a great story. Continue reading
Posted Oct 4, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
The release of The Kinfolk, the final installment of G.A. Morgan's Five Stones Trilogy, is still a month away, but Islandport Press is excited to screen the first of two trailers for the book, provide readers a sneak peek at... Continue reading
Posted Sep 27, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
Fall fair season has arrived and this weekend promises to be especially busy with the Common Ground Fair kicking off in Unity today and the Cumberland Fair beginning on Sunday. Our staff has visited both events several times over the... Continue reading
Posted Sep 23, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
Halfway Wild, a beautiful new picture book written by Laura Freudig and illustrated by Kevin M. Barry, debuts in September 2016. Continue reading
Posted Sep 21, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
September’s one of my favorite months here in Maine. For one, the tourists have thinned out, so it’s not so crowded downtown. We still get ‘em, of course, but instead of families exhausted and cranky from spending too much time together, you mostly see mature couples. You know, people who get to bed early and aren’t in such a rush. Folks who know how much a cup of coffee costs at McDonalds with the senior discount. Continue reading
Posted Sep 18, 2016 at Just Ask Ida
Big goings on here in Mahoosuc Mills. Some builders from up to Bangor tried to pull a fast one. They bought the old Johnson place over on Front Street, tore it down and we’re getting ready to slap up one of them McMansions, but first they decided to basically clear cut the lot, like they do. All systems were go, ‘til Esther Higgins intervened. Continue reading
Posted Sep 11, 2016 at Just Ask Ida
It is not easy to write a single novel and get it published, so you can imagine that writing three novels to tell a complex story of a world other than our own is quite a challenge. Writer G. A. Morgan has conquered that challenge and is seeing stars for her efforts. Kirkus Reviews has given "The Kinfolk," the final installment in Morgan's The Five Stones Trilogy (#5stonesbooks), a star. Today, in addition to sharing the review, we reveal Ernie D’Elia’s wonderful cover art, and give away Books 1 (The Fog of Forgetting) and 2 (Chantarelle) to a lucky reader. Continue reading
Posted Aug 31, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
Read a great Maine picture book! The picture books in the image above, are the perfect way bring a little piece of your Maine vacation home to remember all year long. Continue reading
Posted Aug 25, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
Asking an author to choose her top five influences is a little like asking her to pick the caramels out of a box of assorted chocolates; but in the case of the Five Stones Trilogy, and The Kinfolk, in particular, a few certainly stand out. (Fantasy adventure series that inspire G.A. Morgan) Continue reading
Posted Aug 22, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
Campground Owner and Nature Enthusiast Hits the Mark with her Eco-Adventure Mystery Series for Middle Grade Readers By Katy Kelleher, Contributing Editor Tamra Wight stops mid-stride and stares at the ground. Small piles of animal scat dot the trail. “What... Continue reading
Posted Aug 17, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
It’s the perfect time to schedule author visits but money and time are always a challenge. For more information about Islandport Press authors who love to share their books with kids call or write: or 207-846-3344. Below, please find a list of Islandport authors who are experienced school visit presenters! Continue reading
Posted Aug 15, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
Switch it up one week from today and take the kids out for a drink. Tuesday, August 9, tweens and teens (and their parents) are invited to Vena’s Fizz House in Portland’s Old Port to help revive the refreshing ginger and vinegar-based switchel, a drink featured in the middle-grade novel, Azalea, Unschooled (Islandport Press, 2015), by Liza Kleinman. Continue reading
Posted Aug 2, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
From Androscoggin to Zealand Falls, N is for New Hampshire will charm readers from 0 to 100. This new children’s alphabet book, coming this fall from Islandport Press, combines lively verses with informative text and beautiful photography to introduce children... Continue reading
Posted Jul 27, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
The Islandport Press Coloring Maine contest results are in. Purchase a copy of the best selling Coloring Maine and keep on coloring! Continue reading
Posted Jul 18, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
Holly Eddy travels the state of Maine selling books by publisher Islandport Press. Follow her journey on Instagram and other social media #whereinMaineisHollyEddy. Continue reading
Posted Jun 29, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
by Anna E. Jordan Bathed in summer warmth and the smell of balsam, children listen to a story gathered at the feet of an author. This idyllic scene is Summer Stories by the Forest—hosted by the Friends School of Portland... Continue reading
Posted Jun 28, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
By Anna E. Jordan Once there were knitting circles—now there are coloring parties. It seems that every hipster and his sister has a set of newly sharpened colored pencils and uses them to find focus and friendship. These days, you... Continue reading
Posted Jun 22, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
The book Full Service by David Hill is nostalgic look at the mid 20th century when America was in love with the automobile—cars, service stations, and roadhouses. Continue reading
Posted Jun 16, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
Brechlin’s Maine experience isn’t limited to the confines of Mount Desert Island. As a guide, he has tramped all over Maine, hiking between tall pines on the Appalachian Trail and along the sheer peak of Knife’s Edge in Baxter State Park. Below, Brechlin shares his top hiking destinations in Maine, which are sure to inspire any nature lover to get outside and do some walking. Continue reading
Posted Jun 7, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
In Buzzed, the former magician takes readers on a rollicking ride through New England’s beverage scene, from the quaint coffeehouses of Rhode Island to the little-known breweries of upstate Vermont. He uses his chops as an entertainer to keep the reader invested as he visits dozens of breweries, craft distilleries, and local roasters and coffee shops. Continue reading
Posted Jun 3, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
The much too short fiddlehead season is upon us. If you picked up this local delicacy at the farmers' market or grocery store and need some cooking inspiration, Always in Season author Elise Richer provides some fantastic ideas from the... Continue reading
Posted May 26, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
The McMorrow character is not far afield from Boyle, who got his start as a newspaper reporter in the Maine mill town of Rumford before moving on to a newspaper in Waterville. For his first novel, Deadline, published in 1993, he mined the realities of his day job to create an authentic and gripping drama. Although he didn't know how long his relationship with McMorrow would last, the critical success of Deadline and the wealth of material spurred him to write other McMorrow novels and established him as a standard bearer of Maine crime noir. His most recent McMorrow release, Straw Man, published in 2016 by Islandport Press, has been praised by Publishers Weekly for its "deftly drawn characters and strong sense of place." New York Times bestselling author Gayle Lynds called Straw Man "hypnotically suspenseful," words that could apply to any of Boyle's twisted, terrifying novels. Continue reading
Posted May 24, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
Over the past two decades, Poulin's feisty, ground-breaking, straight-talking, and oh-so-familiar alter-ego from fictional Mahoosuc Mills, Maine, has not only become a vital part of Poulin's life, but has emerged as an iconic figure of Maine culture—a female counterpart to the likes of storytellers Marshall Dodge, John McDonald, and Kendall Morse. Only Poulin has taken it a step further by creating a fully-developed life and world for Ida, one more personal and familiar; now more similar to Lake Wobegon than the decks of the Bluebird. Continue reading
Posted May 18, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS
In 2014, Islandport Press launched a partnership with Maine Audubon to publish a series of children’s books that will help increase awareness about endangered species while raising funds for underserved schools. Proceeds from the Wildlife on the Move series go... Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2016 at ISLANDPORT PRESS