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How about trading ron for carmello to complete the all star line up. Plus lets get coach K instead of coach brown. Trade LO to get kevin love. Trade shannon brown for westbrook.
Lets trade dfish, steve blake, luke, ron, caracter for howard. then we can trade joe smith and theo for cp3. Hip hip hooray!! Hip hip hooray!! The lakers problems are solved. Then get jerry buss to let a 1,000 true laker fans get court side seats for free. Plus buss can hook the men up with his 19 year old girlfriends. Then get jerry buss to pay for persons like hobbit, psp etc to travel with the team when on the road. Then let JAMF call all laker game as a ref. Are you guys serious? We want an all star starting lineup kobe, gasol, howard, cp3 or dwill and ron. Ah talk about stacking the deck.
Now I must give kobe credit. sure his motives with the homeless is not purely altruistic. At least he will help a few people to get his tax break. But contrast that with king james. he basically said that for those hating on him yall will wake up poor, broke and homeless for the rest of your miserable lives while he will enjoy life to the fullest spending his millions.
Kobe is just throwing a temper tantrum. He is upset that he was not informed first about the hire. It shows immaturity for the supposed leader not to make a public comment about the new coach. But the contract is signed and all kobe can do is remain silent like the spoil brat that he is. It was a stroke of genius for the busses to freeze him out and bring him in line with the team concept. They are praying that kobe demands a trade so they can get out of that ridiculous contract.
Troll Man I see why Mitch is the general manager and you have a minimum wage job at Wendys. Lakers - Gastrong = 1st round playoff exits. Kobe as great as he is couldn't win jack without gastrong. As for Bynum, the man is a center and depends on wing players to get him the ball. Kobe refused to feed bynum the ball out of pure jealousy. In game 3 against the mavs bynum the beast was rolling in the 1st half. In the 2nd he only got 2 shots.
Kobe is 33 years old and been in the league for 15 years. Yet he just discovered that there were homeless people in LA. Simers made me laugh when he wrote kobe probably saw the homeless on his helicopter ride from staples to his home. This charity sounds like the work of his tax accountant to get an extra tax deduction. Cause we all know kobe doesn't care for anybody especially the homeless like hobbit.
Medina you are obssesed with kobe comments about coach brown. i have a suggestion why don't you have a running tally about how many days have elapsed before kobe makes a comment about brown. Similar to how the media had a running tally of how long before former prez reagan spoke about the new pandemic the aids virus.
My condolences to Rob Horry and his family. Yall love your daughter but God loved her best. Weeping may endureth for a night but joy will come in the morning.
H good points about LBJ. The main problem is his high school friends that he keeps around him. They are constantly telling him how great he is because they getting some crumbs off the king's table. LBJ is a nice person by all accounts and never got into any legal problems in spite of his upbringing. I rooted for him to win because of the universal venom he received this season. I felt that it strenghtened his resolve. But i was wrong. his comments about the working poor was terrible.
Oclezy I am a laker fan first and foremost. I always said kobe was the 2nd best player to play the game after jordan. That is a great compliment. Now do I rip kobe for being selfish and not a team player a lot of times? Of course. Is kobe self absorbed? You better believe it. I felt that the chemistry issues caused the lakers down fall and not the talent. Kobe sets the tone and his eating first is not good basketball and messes up team chemistry. Look at dirk, he is the man but plays within the offense.
But what I said a few years ago about LBJ was recently repeated by tim legler on mike and mike. Lebron game is incomplete. He has an outside game from the 3 point line and getting to the rim but no midrange game. kobe in contrast has a complete game. Lebron needs to work on his post game. As big as he is he should take people like kidd, marion, stevenson, terry etc into the post and punish them. Work with the dream this summer and develop some footwork. Also train with a shooting coach and take thousands and thousands of 12 to 18 foot jumpers.
Lebron's postgame commments were priceless. He said that the people who were happy that he failed will have the same problems that they have after the happiness have worn off. Meanwhile, he will continue to do the things he want to do. Lebron is a real king. He is saying that he is rich and have no problems while people like hobbit and PSP who are on welfare will still have to beg for money.
i was also happy for sean marion. He treated badly by miami a few years ago and now he is a champ.
Who would think that king james would not average 28 points in the series. But lbj's alter ego burger king james took over. dwade played horribly with all of those turnovers. you hear jvg already suggesting a dwade or lbj trade for dwight. based on lbj performance he would probably get traded if a trade was to happen. but he will redeem himselfeventually. But what was so profound was that there was hardly no dunks by dwade or lbj all series. congrats to the mavs and now you join my dallas cowboys team as champs.
Lebron played like burger king in this series man. I wanted him to win a ring after being villified by everyone. Oh well. Miami couldn't secure key rebounds and missed about 17 free throws. Plus Spo was out coached by carlisle. I like carlisle demeanor being stern while spo was grinning like a chester cat.
Spo is too nice always smilimg. You don't smile in the finals until you win. The heat came out flat. I think dwade screwed up the chemistry after game 3 by throwing the king under the bus.
I am a laker fan. I am happy for jason kidd got his ring. But I am a priest and the first thing the jet did was thank God. Yeah i wanted the heat to win but this was the only time I was wrong all year. The mavs are a bunch of good guys except stevenson.
This looks like last year's script. LA won game 1 and the cs won game 2. LA won game 3 in boston and the Cs won game 4 and 5 to take a 3-2 lead. LA clinched the title at home.
LBJ is not only the heat's best player but the nba's best. Dwade can score but lbj can score, pass, rebound and defend. Some of those assists he got was the best since magic. He was the team playoff leader in all statistical categories. But obviously he is upset with dwade the loudmouth. But the king cannot tarnish his legacy by throwing the series. He will not. Not when you have a basketball genius riley as president. Hunker down and expect fire and brimstone from the king on thursday night. There will be hell to pay for the knave dirk noWINski and the royal jester the jet. Like the ABC montage goes, "You lived your entire life for this one moment....". Go get em king.
The King is on strike and DWdae is to blame. Dwade should keep his big mouth closed talking about the heat is his team and he is the leader. The King was not amused. So the King showed the loud mouth wade that without him the heat are toast. I'm sure dwade is begging his madjesty forgiveness by now. Groveling in fact. I don't agree with Lebron's tactics but it is similar to the tantrums kobe has thrown in the past. Remember game 7 against the suns? I watched lbj get to the rim and turn while in mid air and threw it back to a teammate. I said wtf? But anyway hopefully dwade and riley will get through the king so he can crown the tall gangly german.
If kobe was so inclined couldn't he re-negotiate his contract? I think in 2 years he will be making $30 million. Yikes. LA have a bunch of bad contracts. The team is still a contender but we need a young talented point guard. Now kobe can play the point cause he have the talent to do it, But he just is not into that. With fisher at the helm the lakers will be exiting the playoffs in the first or second round.
kobe needs to give up a portion of his pay for the lakers to get a good quality point guard. If he wants to compete again for a ring again. i just read in the miami herald where bosh, wade and the king gave up a part of their contract to keep haslem. Of course these guys are unselfish whereas kobe is leader of selfishness.
Let me make this crystal clear for everybody to understand even hobbit, psp, troll man etc.. Like who cares what Kobe thinks about the coach Brown hire? Management made an executive decision to bring in a new operations officer without informing the employee Kobe. I know jim buss said that he should have told kobe, bu I know and kobe know that it was a load of bull. Now kobe is mad and acting like a spoilt child. He will get over it because he will be getting about $24 million to play the game. If he doesn't want to play demand a trade to go elsewhere.
i hope the mamba is watching the defense dwade and the king is playing. They don't roam but lock their man right down. Plus dwade is abusing the kobe stopper jason kidd. Kidd locked kobe right down. Are you kidding me? The heat are a team of destiny by beating the mavs and stern's 3 minions last night. I don't understand the king's criticism by persons in the media. LBJ is locking down the mavs number 2 scorer. He is playing 46 minutes a game. He dished out 9 assists and scored 17 points after being constantly doubled team all night. Someone made the observation that whenever dwade is on the floor he has lbj and/or chris bosh on the floor as well. But lbj sometimes is the only starter with the bench as well. The man is a hybrid of jordan and magic no doubt about it and is the world's best player.
I'm trying to understand the jet dissing The King. That is real smart to challenge the best defensive player in the league right now. Sorry ron ron. How dumb can you get brother? The jet is suppose to compliment the king and lul him into a false sense of security. No the fool wants to get the king real angry. Anyway to each his own. Miami is playing lockdown defense. Dwade and LBJ can be prison officers man. I see why dr buss got a defensive minded coach to compete against a team that is playing better defense than the 2008 celtics.