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Big Baby, thanks for the correction; stanley cup of 1998 i was in the Holy Land and hockey was immaterial to the jerusalem post's one page of sports. they might have mentioned it but it wasn't in my mindset. it is nice to post along other "people of faith" w/o regard to which one they are practicing. hope you are having/enjoying a pleasant easter along with the others who believe in the Nazarene. i imagine FZB and Mr. Woodcock are enjoying the roasted swine that methinks is a cuban tradition. out for the final two days of passover and will check in tuesday night. a day off on wednesday and then back to school thursday after a 2 1/2 week vacation.
RETRACTION: the sabres play in buffalo, but they have been off the radar since their existence;i don't believe that have won the stanley cup in the many seasons that have passed since the original expansion in 66/67. i don't think they have even reached the finals either. taking the bills out of buffalo would necessitate a realignment because of the the geography involved which would ruin the great rivalry the bills and dolphins have had over the years, as evidenced by this past season's late game against the bills, a cause in fact for the dolphins staying home during the NFL postseason. and here qwe have the stats of one of my favorite bills: elbert "golden wheels" dubinion!! averaged 27+ yds/catch in 1964!! the bills of the early AFL years possessed one of the best defenses in all of pro football, and gave us paul mcguire, a treat to listen to when covering games.
a happy easter to my pals here that celebrate it, donald trump and bon jovi gonna buy the bills? awful!!!!!! hope the NFL owners arte sensible to reject this attempted transaction as the potential buyers are just waiting to take the bills out of buffalo into the "greener" pastures of los angeles. the bills are one of a handful of cities that have only one pro team and they have an incredibly loyal fan base. an original AFL team that deserves solid ownership after the passing of ralph wilson. the NFL might wanna remember that donald trump attempted to create a competitor to the league with his USFL venture. enough of him!!!!
lulz, "eternal damnation" is not a jewish concept, but rather one used by "fire and brimstone" preachers of the "great awakening of the 1800s. "shatnez"-word for a mixture of wool and linen) would under the "perfect storm conditions" warning of the act and its consequences by two reputable witnesses might get 39 lashes (probably less)depending on the tolerance level of the accused.
Mr. Woodcock, i saw something about him and his big "challenege", so i just figured he had a relapse; now i read that craig sager has acute leukemia; they all need our prayers. a happy easter to you and all who celebrate today and sunday as we celebrate pretty much the whole week and monday and tuesday of the coming week. still have a taste for matsoh even after all the meals. un feliz pascua, especially the "confirmed catholic" Big Baby. back with you tomorrow night i guess this article answers the question
Mr. Woodcock, geez, you and "the man from k.i.b.b.i.t.z." are really slinging it today!!! how much is it to play palos verde these days? i remember when it was something like $20; i couldn't hit the ball off the tee-club is too unwieldy- so i used a 1 iron and actually got the ball off the tee fromn holes 8or 9 to 18, methinks for a public course palos verde is pretty nice, but then torrey pines is a public course (i think) and is a beautiful layout back in the old home town of la jolla. my TV went out last week and won't be checked till after passover, so i'll listen to the radio on sunday and wait till the verdict comes in on the old sony 60"er; i must say i have been rather spoiled watching sports on a realy decent machine but am working on being patient through this ordeal. missing the last round of the masters was difficult was difficult, but nothing compared to the situations of jim kelly and stuart scott of ESPN. besides being a premier QB, jim kelly is a premier mentsch. wishing them G-dspeed and a complete recovery, but the news i have read about jim kelly paint a bleak picture.
fellers, the draft this year will be wilder (read unpredictable) as the NCAA baketball tournament. there are so many teams with over lapping needs-especially at QB- that draft night will be especially wild. for example, is there anyone out there who can predict which team will take from among bortles, manziel and teddy bridgewater? all are terrific and who knows which will go #1. to these old eyes, i see manziel and bridgewater going ahead of blake bortles. it was alabama that couldn't stop louisville in the bowl game wasn't it? whichever bowl game it was, teddy was rght on in his passing and i believe he was allowed to call the plays. manziel is uncanny in his ability to escape the pocket when needed and has a very decent arm to go with his escapability. the wideout from a&m had the bonus of catching passes from johnny m and i believe it is a known fact that taking passcatchers in the first round is realy pushing your luck.
Big Baby, here is the info and cooperstown plaque regarding josh gibson;
Big Baby, and a lot of the negro leaguers say josh gibson was the best! i believe that he was a catcher and even the jackrabbits of those leagues couldn't steal off him; i think that josh gibson was the one they were talking about.
Big Baby, here are the amazing stats of jimmie foxx, showing monster at the plste with tremendous power and the ability to hit for s very high average. playing in the same ers as the bambino he got lost in thr shuffle, but his athletics at the end of the 20s and eearly 30s were beasts- al simmmons, lefty grov and others:
Don Saluchi, willie mays is miles ahead of all the greats of his era, which is saying a lot. better than mantle and f. robinson alone is awesome. i think that the bambino and headless ted williams are the only players to compare with willie mays- the best offensive and defensive plyer at his position don't come around very long. mantle was really great but his bum knee as a result of stepping on a sprinkler head early in his career cost him plenty of plate appearances and HRs lessened his ablity in CF; the mick did win a triple crown, which mays never accomplished. all the ballparks located inside the city- fenway being the prime wxample- had to be squeezed to be located in the city and made for some crazy dimensions, like yankee stadium's under 300 feet LF, fenway's right, and many of the other parks. as for aaron. he played in a bandbox in milwaukee also, but hank aaron was a great ballplayer-at bat and in the field- whom sandy koufax called the toughest batter he faced, which is a tremendous compliment.
Big Baby, shabazz napier was fantastic!! i thought kemba walker was incredible, and shabazz was right there with kemba walker in taking his team to the title. collge basketball is a point guard's game, and methinks that if jeremy lin is still playing in the pros, then young mr. napier (not that young as he played through his senior season) can play in the pros. leadership? how about pushing his teammate into the correct spot shows what a leader on the floor does. a really good game because kentucky's freshmen twins didn't show up. canines (uconn's huskies) vs. felines (kentucky's wildcats)? i'll take a dog in a fight with a cat anytime.
RE: "the american outlaws" at least there are a few citizens of nthe good ole USA who understand futbol and get into it in the manner of fans of the european sides. not one post regarding uconn/kentucky which was an especially well played game; only an incredibly lame TO by john (he can recruit but ain't much of a coach while the game is being played) prevented a last to the second game. the performances by the harrison brothers, who did not show up at all, is more evidence that we oughta be done with "one and done". james young and julius randle played really decent games, especially young, but he should stay on for another year- a really dynamic and clutch played. julius randle is a terror around the basket with his shotblocking and often shows finesse in hois game. a guy with no tattoos (at least visible) and a very solid player who probably will make the jump to the pros and will play many minutes and depending on who gets him, maybe will start.
Big Baby, i am with you on johnny manziel: rocket arm, scrambles out of danger and into big plays, has incredibly great feet and is tough nail in the pocket. as has been stated here and by others, johnny manziel is a bigger, stronger, and faster than fran tarkenton, who was no slouch in both his tenures with minnesota and his one with the giants. his second go round with the vikings the arm was not very strong, and the offense was a 4-5 yard pass to chuck foreman and watch chuck put on some wicked moves for a, by the standards of the 70s, big man. the vikings won 4/5 receiving titles with thre different guys-foreman, ahmad rashad (bobby moore at oregon) twice, and rickey young, all on dinks and dunks.
OC and Tom, offensive linemen ar not lego blocks which clip in to wherever they fit. this summer's prime objective should/must be the integration of the OL into a cohesive unit. as has been said here ad nauseum, you just can't throw guys into open spots on the line and expect immediate results; if the dolphins leave their linemen intacty for at least the first halves of their "exhibition" games they will have the same problems they've had since old mr. "at the end of the day" was calling for field goals aplenty.
Big Baby, alonzo mourning is a good guy and was a pretty darn good player. great big men get their teams to the final four and i don't think zo did, but neither did shaq who played for the worst offensive coach in college ball at LSU- dale brown. anyway he is in so the voters have spoken.
OC Dolphin and FZB, glad you enjoyed those precious gems. i believe that "sugar mountain" was the "B" side of "cinnamon girl" in addition to the other neil yound single that one of our fellow bloggers mentioned. how about this monster from neil young's first album in which he thought his voice was weak and had the music turned up to cover his vocal:
FRIED MARBLE EFFECT: the marlins pitcher went from a no-hitter in last season's finale to giving up six (and coulda been seven) hits in the first inning last night; one line drive after another through trhe infield- i guess his sinker was working!
BEAUTIFUL ACOUSTIC VERSION!!! another beauty from neil young
Jimbo, get yourself braced for hilary clinton getting the democrats' nomination and then winning the election. she is a heinous carpetmuncher but the republicans/libertarians/tea partyers don't have anyone who can defeat her- what a thought!!! as incredible as it may seem, that is what is in store for our country- Heaven help us!!!
Mr. Woodcock, the eagles letting desean jackson go is surprising. if not mistaken, he is from north long beach, an area that makes your beloved exposition park and surroundings look like south beach. the reportsn that he is a member of an LA based branch of the crips is puzzling as i would think that he would be running with the long beach crowd; didn't he go to high school at long beach poly? poy makes fremont, jordan, and locke look like country clubs- also produced willie mcginnest and was at/near the top of california high schools for many year while la salle of northern california (producer of d.j. williams) also was and methinks they met every year there for a while while la salle was rated #1 by those who follow high school sports.
RE: knowshon moreno his numbers from last year will not automaticaly transfer to the dolphins unless the offensive line adjusts to the remold which has been necessitated by last season's "antics". the lamar miller fan club, based in the kibbitz room at canter's,will have to sweat out a battle between moreno and miller, neither of whom compare with shady mccoy. anyway i doesn't hurt to be two deep in the backfield at any spot and this was a better move than signing the uber talented but at this point aging maurice jones-drew. MJD was fantastic for the bruins but had his talents, many talents, eclipsed by playing in the same town as reggie bush, who continues to have very, very good seasons in his post NO days.
BB and Tom, nice to see a little football talk instead of the piss and vinegar eminating from the west coast. Big Baby, i understand your idea of "flipping it around" in today's NFL, but at least the last two SBs have ben won by teams that could run the ball, and SF, which was the second best team each year, is another one that runs, either with frank gore or colin kaepernik.