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Mr. Woodcock, last pre-Sabbath post: oklahoma came to l.a. in 1974 and i think it is reasonable to say that the two best punt returners-lynn swann and joe washington- were on the field. swann had a long one called back, and two mighty defensive powerhouses held the others' great offense to a TD apiece. also on the field were maybe the two best LBs in america- richard (batman) wood and rod shoate, who i think was a sophomore then. he played the "monster" in their adjusted 3-4 (a couple of selmons up front made things difficult) but with it impossible to run on the sooners with a three man front they took rod shoat(e) and let him wander all over the field. that SC team went on to be the national champions when haden and shelton diggs went off in the rose bowl, coming back against the buckeyes to pull out an 18-17 win. we played oklahoma a lot and the series produced some epic games. oklahoma waa my 2nd favorite team and methinks their 71 wishbone was the greatest version of my favorite offense! any time you can pop the fullback into the secondary on a "linebuck) your team is sitting pretty, and the sooners did that many times. see ya tomorrow night
Mr. Educate yourself bub, those pictured in your magazine piece represent a fraction- of whatever size- of the israeli populus. another noticebale fraction wants israel to be a secular democratic state without any connection to the faith of our ancestors and basically merge with the arabs in creating a different political entity- i don't think that they are discriminating. as we speak there is a fledgling poltical party whose leaders want both arabs and israelis of non-arab heritage to take political control. i am jewish, but the idea that israel is a jewish state is laughable-i can call myself a filipino or a cambodian but that doesn't make me one automatically. israel was founded by a group of atheists and socialists, who are very far away from being jewish. britain "granted" them a piece of the middle east just as the british did for the arabs, who were not content with the east side of the jordan river and had five arab countries try to "undo" the balfour doctrine. the arabs were given trans-jordan but were not satisfied and took to war; such a shame that they lost, don't you think?
Big Baby, "live bullet" was agreat album, but i would have to disagree with you and say that "night moves" put bob seger on the musical map, a couple of years after "ramblin, gamblin man" peaked at #54 on the billboard hot 100.
Mr. Woodcock, these arabists pay no attention to the facts and just whine that israel is an "apartheid" state. that "a" word gets thrown around by ignoramuses whose arguments fail. maye they ought to do a little research on apartheid and might find it absurd to apply that term to the state of israel. and that schmuck who wrote that the state of israel is based on the jews being "the chosen people" might want to understand that the goal of many israelis- probably a majority- don't want to have anything to day with judaism and its practices- only 20% of israelis are considered to be orthodox, with the other 80% clamoring that they want to go to the movies or go shopping or drive through religious neighborhoods on the Sabbath. no other country in the world drafts "divinity students" (yeshiva boys) but the new age politicians want to do and end with a bargain made between the rabbinate and the secular,atheist,communist david ben-gurion. i suggest to you and everbody else that you take just a couple of hours to read "perfidy" by the holywood screenwriter and brilliant wordsmith ben hecht dealing with the famous "kasztner trial" and the attitude of isarel's founding socialists towards "religious" jews.
Mr. Woodcock, methinks it was pat haden supplying the lucid color comentary on barnes to stokes. an incredible play considering the bruin comeback, basically pulling a guy off the street to play QB, and the incredible effort of j.j. stokes as one one of the commenters noted on youtube, too bad he was a bust in the nfl, even in san francisco's incredible system.
Mr. Woodcock, i have posted many, many times that some of my favorite athletes played for the bruins- bill walton, gary beban, mel farr, walt hazard and others. i also couldn't take larryy smith and think that the 90 yard pass play from the 4th string john barnes to j.j. stokes is among the greatest plays i have ever seen. j.j. stokes put on an incredible didplay of moves and, yes, power in getting to the endzone to beat USC. i may be a grad of southern cal, but if i don't like a fellow like lane kiffin- a prime example, or rob johnson (UGGGH) i don't root for my alma mater. and i agree with you that KAJ had the best college/pro careers of anybody. only bill russell can say that he won multiple college and NBA championships (even though i can't stand the guy).
Big Baby, still awaiting a response to the 1975 @ t e roxy version of "pretty flamingo". i can understand if you choose to pass on it, but for me that was the highlight of bruce springsteen's career. something was bizarre when 75% or so of america had bruce springsteen and the e street band as their favorites, not leaving much for other groups that were still functional at the time. how about this gem from the very much underapppreciated dave edmunds, "borrowed" from bob seger (also better than the guy from jersey): and the same tune live given the bruce springsteen treatment- nothing close to the mach 2 speed of the album cut from dave edmunds "get it" album, acclaimed by many as the best album of the 70s:
Big Baby, i just gave the posted "pretty flamingo" and it sounds better than it did in 1975!! it is a must listen and you can see from the commenters on youtube that many thought this to be the best version of a great song- kinda like the dead doing "hard to handle" at the hollywood palladium (the ole shadow was in that audience; here tis: enjoy both!!!
Big Baby, i guess i saw bruce springsteen in 1974 and the tour from which "pretty flamingo" was taken was in 1975- and i was done with him by then. i do remember being enchanted by "pretty flamingo" as i listened to the broadcast-the pre-song rap was good- but jeez, he is still doing the song with the rap intro almost FORTY YEARS after the posted recording!!!! i don't have the time to compare the 2010+ version to the one from the roxy; i'll just listen to the very awesome version he put out to increase his audience when he went on "the radio tour" in 1975. FORTY YEARS AGO!! unreal!
the (real) david in los angeles, you are one of the few who remember that jordan gave up sovereignty of the west bank, making it a no man's land there for the taking, and the israelis were there. you are also correct when stating that the arabs who left their homes voluntarily between 1948 and 1967 are treated like dirt by their other arab cousins and those who remained in the Holy Land are so much more better off than those who left that it is ridiculous. the only bizarre aspect is that jordan let loose what they lost by entering the fray AGAINST THE ADVICE OF THE ISRAELIS except that the state of israel let them be the caretakers of the Temple Mount.
Big Baby, i saw the very young bruce springsteen as the opening act for kingfish (hobby band for bob weir and david torbert, RIP) and dr. hook. his "greetings from asbury park" had just come out and i bought a promo at the great aron's records just across from my high school. the album had a fold out in front with a facsimile of a post card with the title of the album on it. he was doing his "little dylan" act and hadn't started putting oldies into his sets (at least that one). most of my deadhead friends didn't care for his material, but the ole shadow stated that he just needed to "borrow" some tunes from other artists and he'd be just fine. next thing you know he was doing clubs and broadcasting the shows live over the radio-using other people's material. particularly terrific was his version of manfred mann's "pretty flamingo", which i will try to find on youtube and post. next he started doing gary (u.s.) bonds songs with mr. bonds joining him on stage- "twist,twist, senora", "new orleans" and other rockers. i got bored with him after he did the phil spector "wall-of-sound" on the "born to run" album, with "she's the one" having the basic rock and roll beat. after that, the omly song of his that i thought was noteworth was "badlands". well, let'stry to find "pretty flamingo": here isthat very recording!!! ah, the pleasures of youtube!!
the (real) dave in los angeles, try listening to this gem- a "letter from america" by the great englishman alistair cooke. i heard it first in the Holy Land and was astonished to hear this on the very anti-semitic BBC; however, alistair cooke was such an institution that his comments could not be corraled. this is a beautiful piece of social commentary, just a wonderful piece of opine/journalism. and yes, all the great civilizations that had us contributing to their efforts and decided to "step on us" have disappeared into the (love cliched) "dustbin of history". enjoy this bit of social commentary by one of english's greatest practitioners.
the (real) dave in los angeles, after the first definition of "racism" which addresses the notion that one's own race is superior to another, the secondary and tertiary definitions do include the notions of "discrimination" and "intolerance", so i guess donald sterling could be defined as a "racist" by the notion of "intolerance" (can't tolerate his girlfriend bringing "off-white" friends to clipper games) based on his conversation that revealed his feeling. this sad sack of an owner would have to pick the time of the zenith of his teams history to undo something like 30-40 years of ineptitude- basically the entire period of "clipperdom" since the team moved west after being the buffalo braves in the good old days of bob macadoo and randy smith (best, purest jump shot in NBA history). i am officially done with this issue after reading the 2nd and 3rd definitions of the term. as is said in yiddish-"ginik shoyn"- enough already.
such, i wouldn't go near him. like i wrote, a shonda for the goyim. never said i approved of or condoned his actions or feelings; i just can't figure out how all this bizarre stuff happened in a whirlwind. dave, i understand how many, many, people are offended by what the guy said, to say the least. wouldn't we all rather not be involved in this junk but rather be caught up in something like this:
the (real) dave in los angeles, what puzzles me is that he is being called a "racist" when i don't think the term really applies. he may be an idiot, and may feel uncomfortable around people of color, but i don't think that equates into "racism". everything you wrote above may be quite true, but i don't see the automatic "he's a racist" from the very bizarre conversation which i can't still figure out!! yes the NBA has its bylaws which he may have violated, and they may take whatever action that the 35 secret bylaws empowers the NBA to do, but i just don't see the "racism" in the situation. donald sterling wasn't giving an anthropology class or sociology class. as far as "disgusting and divisiveness", i think the guy is moron and callous, but how did he get duped into this weird situation? i don't share his sentiments but this is beyond me. listen, the Rabbis stated a long time ago "who is honored? one who honors the (other) creations". donald sterling has proven himself to be quite dishonorable, to say the least. As
Mr. Woodcock, this is the most bizarre happening in sports in a long while. the "thought police" out in action without any serious deliberation of this screwy event. a "conversation" that was strange to say the least resulting in making a guy give up a business enterprise that he owns? fine him, ban him from his own team's games, but a forced fire sale? i don't think much of the NBA as "entertainment" but this is a made-for-TV movie in the making!!! i am still very curious about how the famous dialogue came about; i don't even think he said the famous "n word"; think that "whitey' and "honky" are still in use by people of color? and how about a definition of racism""? doesn't it mean the notion that a particular ethnic group is superior/inferior because of the relative amount of pigmentation of the skin? if so, i don't think i heard one ounce of real "racism" in the 9+ minutes of the conversation that TMZ had on their website. donald sterling may not be an angel, is a real "shonda for the goyim" and may be losing a few brain cells as we speak, but aaron hernandez he ain't. basic case of "knee jerk liberalism" is action. hope you enjoy the game tonight- i might even stay up for the broadcast as i am really interested in what one of my favorite guys, charles barkley, has to say in the roundtable if the game is on TNT or TBS. what i found most bizarre is his mentioning of the "white jew" "black jew" situation in the Holy Land, where i heard a sephardi (off-white) israeli tell an ashkenazi (white jew) in the course of an argument abount making him miss a bus (!!!!!!) that "hitler didn't finish the job"!!!!! as it is a rodney (black motorist) king anniversary how about "can't we all just get along?" have a great time at the ballgame and report back on what will certainly be an eerie atmosphere inside the staples center. what a royal mess!!
Mr. Woodcock, i am amazed at the sound level of the donald sterling audio; this wasn't a recorded message on some cell phone, but a conversation very close to a powerful microphone. donald sterling is an idiot and has been long before this incident. if you think his wife is no bargain, this "girlfriend" has had some horrible facial work done as onew eye looks to be about two inches above the other. our blogfriend who stated that she looked like a "thai tranny" is pretty close to the truth. i imagine that donald sterling developed "the jerry buss syndrome" and needed to be surrounded by a dozen "women" a third his age. how he got trapped into that dialogue is above me, but maybe not considering the excellent movie "the conversation" that dealt with electronic surveilance forty years ago!! whatever the NBA does they'll do, but forcing him to divest of HIS allclub sounds a little communista, communista to me. remember that originally our declaration of independence was gonna read "... life, liberty, and ownership of property" if i recall correctly. have a great time at the ballgame- the overhaul they did in the area around the staples center was pretty good, i would say. give me the parameters of what you consider to be the "stay out of town" side of LA. in my cruising days the ole shadow knew no boundaries of where to go tracking down girls who would rather ride in the 1974 BMW 2002 than sit waiting for the bus or be walking to there destination. geez, LA used to be a great place to cruise!!
ear morrall. dr. jack... real dave, how about a little something from the better days!!
NO MAURICE CHEEKS ON 76-77 SIXERS: the memory was a little shaky; i knew andrew toney wasn't on that team until a couple of years later, and mo cheeks didn't arrive until the 8 season. the other guard starting with "world b." free was henry bibby, one of the quickest guys ever. unfortunately, he left his jump shot in pauley pavillion his sophomore season and went down frm there. but he was a decent enough ballhandler and defender to stay in the leagu for almost ten years:
RIP, jack ramsay besides being the most listenable color man on any tv/radio broadcast and a coach of immense achievement, he was the coach of my favorite NBA team of all-time, the 76-77 trailblazers. team loaded with talent- maybe not as much as the 76ers whom they defeated- but bobby gross, dave twardzik, lloyd neal, johnny davis,herm (the trickster) gilliam and the rest of the supporting cast comprised an awesome bunch. as stated, methinks that philadelphia had more talent but the blazers that one year when a young walton was healthy and had maurice lucas at his side were just more cohesive than the star laden sixers- dr. j, george mcginnis, steve mix, doug collins, lloyd free, and maurice cheeks (i think).
the (real) dave, i guess lowell had an intersting relationship with allen tousaint- using "on the way down" on one album and i think aiding and abetting robert palmer on 'sneakin sally through the alley" and "pressure drop" which i think came afterward. the girl on the cover of robert palmer's second album had the most beautiful figure and legs ever, and i imagine she looked just as good from the front.
the (real) david in los angeles, i couldn't listen to "thanks i'll it it here after lowell's passing, as i found "china white" to be seriously depressing and a harbinger of things to come, sadly enough. when we saw little feat at the topanga corral, lowell was seriously bloated from frug use and had to take 15-20 breaks during the playing of "day at the dog races to get "rejuvenated". ".44 blues" hit me strongly as howlin wolf was my favorite bluesman with the incredible hubert sumlin playing the "staccato" guitar that robbie robertson admits to borrowing. lowell george had the missle name of thomas, so that "lowell thomas" george was named after the famous supplier of the movietone news that played in theatres between the movies. also, lowell can be seen in an episode of "f troop" where he was a member of a band calle "the bedbugs". lowell was the greatest singer. songwriter, musician (bob dylan and smokey robinson could write and smoky could really sing) but nobody could combine those two talents with playing the axe like the man with the sears 11/16' socket instead of a botttleneck. can't believe that is almost 40 years since his passing.
STERLING POSTED!! CONDEMNS ISRAELI SOCIETY! EXPOSES HIMSELF AS A REAL DOLT!! this girlfriend is not much upstairs!! conversation devolves into the "holocaust!! jim1ny creepers!!