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Hi All, I've just started to find out more about why use case-sensitive and trying to search if there is any benefits in formatting my iMac to a case-sensitive system till I happen to read the post here which took me a few hours reading starting from the early post in 2005. Though in the end is totally different topic that I'm looking for but someone has been asking in the post about what is the real benefits for case and non-case issue which makes me read more to find out why is there such a rule? Well after reading the debates on how programming should or should not and the history, is kind of interesting. But mostly are referring to who lay the rule 1st and should it be left out so that programmers can have a better way in writing it faster or easier in order to save time. When time = money in some cases. Till now non did come up with the reason which I too is quite interested to know the reason behind. This is my point of view if it make any sense here. I'm not against both way in writing the programs whether case or no case cause I'm not a programmer. Maybe you might just say get out of here since I know nuts. But I think in terms of cost back then when you write a code on a x86 machine compare to now where space is no longer an issue. Now machine are so powerful where you just spend a few $ to get XX Gb of rams or XX Tera of harddisk space. Maybe during that era in order to save the hardware space which is very very costly back then, the only way is to reduce your language to the minimum characters as short and precise as possible. Now example you key "Horse","horse" to describe 2 different items in a program, and rather in non-case you will have to write "horse1" and "horse2" since you can't file the same name and the list just get longer since you have to describe more so that it doesn't repeat the same name as the file system doesn't allow. So it took you maybe 50Mb to complete the whole program and maybe with case-sensitive you only need 25Mb?? Back then space is money. Though now space is no longer an issue to most people but don't you think is better to have short and precise program to read rather then compare a long list of english composition which is of course easy for you to key on a non-case environment. So maybe is it that why nowadays applications/games are getting so big in file size.?? Just a theory not sure if it make sense.
Toggle Commented Jan 15, 2011 on The Case For Case Insensitivity at Coding Horror
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Jan 14, 2011