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Ivan Ivanov
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Just got back from the games. Good crowd; about 700 to 1,000 people or so, despite the chilly weather. NYRD looked good tonight.Young 16 year old kid who played the first half alongside Anjel was very impressive(Agudelo is his name). Lindpere could be the playmaker the team has so desperately needed; the rookie central defender, Ream, was fantastic. Anjel was, well, deadly. Toronto were just awful. De Guzman made a couple of nasty tackles early in the game that could have brought him an earlier expulsion. De Rosario had 5 touches on the ball b/f being substituted. Preki played him right outside mid in the first half, and left mid in the second half. Why? That's not where DiRo is at his best. I don't see Toronto being anywhere near the playoffs w/ these players. Houston looked ok. Ching, by minute 45, could hardly walk on the field, but he showed crafty touches several times. Francisco Navas (never heard of him before) also played a good game as an outside field. Dallas's only bright point was Dax McCarty; they were missing Cunningham. Don't see them making the playoffs (yet again)... All in all, both games were quite entertaining. Bring on the new season!
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Feb 27, 2010