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Wade needs to come out firing, enough of this passive approach that earned him 2pts in the 2nd half of the Cavs game.
I can imagine what will happen when nude Beasley photos show up on the internet. Most of you homos will hang up a life size image in your room and brag to everyone you know about it.
The Heat's defense is like night and day when Haslem is in the lineup. When the other team sees Beasley on the floor, they immediately look to abuse him on defense.
Like Michelle Beasley doesn't miss his fair share of gimme's, much easier than the shot Haslem just took.
Tony Fiorentino called Spo's decision to put Wade to hit the tech FT "strategy"
How bad is Beasley's injury? will he play again?
That was a kickball by LeBron James btw. Refs give away another game.
gnite, Beasley homers keep your mouths occupied.
game 6***
And Spo not going to Wade early in the 2nd half contributes to these no-shows later on. That's been a trend all season.
Wade, fix that damn ft shooting Posted by: The Watcher ====================== For real. Missing FTs late in the game was cute at first, dating back to Finals game 7, but the act is getting a little old...
THAT'S HILARIOUS LOL Posted by: clarkpetion305 (PS3 GAMERTAG LETBEASLEYPLAY) ====================== Y'all should read what I've been reading.
Beasley's turnovers and goaltends really stick out now like a sore thumb.
Amazing how the Cavs chose not to foul, which seemed stupid at the time, and it works out for them.
Careless turnover, story of the game.
This forum has the shyttiest fans to disgrace all of sports. A guy who has knocked down shot after shot in the 4th and his own team's so-called "fans" are still talking shyt. Congratulations.
Um... Hack-a-Shaq?
I wouldn't mind that miss if it came in the first 8 minutes of the 3rd quarter.
Phil Jackson doesn't stop Kobe from shooting. No reason why Spo should ever stop Wade considering he's no Phil Jackson.
Spo isn't the one passing up shots. He doesn't have mind control and he doesn't determine when a player drops 30 in one half then 2pts in the 2nd half.
We're gonna win this game or lose it because of Wade.
It's frustrating to watch Wade pass up shots.