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I strongly urge you to bring back the good/original Call it a test if you must. But you'll likely get a ton of disgruntled users switching over there.
There's another angle to this as well, that no one seems to have considered: Some of us love experimentation and creating stuff - but hate having to present it, or restrict it to something useful to the company. So we avoid taking advantage of this time, and wait until we have full freedom at home.
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2012 on Today is Goof Off at Work Day at Coding Horror
Congratulations on completely confirming that untrained ears can tell the difference between them! There's an interesting bit of psychology that states that the first thing we hear is treated as the baseline. And you didn't randomize the order on page load. So for most of us, the "Limburger" file (160 kpbs) was treated as the baseline, anomalies and all. Then in all the other files, the changes in audio quality were treated as anomalies - and they got a lower rating. All your test proves is that most of us are not familiar with the exact notes of a single arbitrary song.
Mmk, after reading the comments, there are two things I want to add: 1. Anonymity of the internet: False. Blizzard Entertainment, the people who make World of Warcraft and Starcraft, decided to un-anonymize their online games by linking it to Facebook/Google/etc. The outcry prevented them from doing it, but one of the things learned in the meantime was that anonymity doesn't actually make people act worse. 2. Internet allowing non-face-to-face bullying. True, but we had that long, long before the internet in the form of rumors. At pretty much any social level (school, work, hangouts, etc), the right rumor can ruin your life.
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Oct 19, 2010