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Great interview's as always Pete! Are you going to get the AD on next for and end of year review? Can we say that the rebuilding year is over and the groundwork has been laid for future success? Or will it be another year in the cellar? I'd also like to know how all the other new head coaches faired in their sports.
Toggle Commented May 23, 2008 on La Pierna Talks Again at FIU Panthers Prowl
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FIU Baseball did about the same as football. It just goes to show that you cannot expect a Head Coach to build a winning team overnite. He has to have time to build and recruit His own players for His system. TT and MC losing with other coaches players means nothing. We can judge them in years 3 and 4 when the fr they recruit will be Jr.s and SR.s By the way whats up with all this new password and sign in stuff just to comment?
Toggle Commented May 21, 2008 on Early Summer Vacation at FIU Panthers Prowl
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