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ok i called to ask what was up with that lawsuit i had gotten email about months ago and to change my credit card number, i thought it would be faster calling than online since i had tried to do it online 3 times and account was showing frozen even though card is a debit and money is in account. well now i have been expect next choice to ship, well pick the day i started waiting on the wednesday last week and now it say thursday hmmmm, beyond throttling this is purposeful. they did unfreeze the account though. oh yea almost forgot the best part...i am using a gift subscription prepaid for this month !!!!! so the card was only for the security if i damaged lost etc... i found this also Netflix "Throttling" Defined Consumers will come across the term "throttling" when researching Netflix on the Internet. In 2003, Netflix stated that it loses money on customers paying less than $2.00 per rental. To counter this loss Netflix created an inventory allocation and delivery system that curbs users from paying less than $2.00 per rental. Thus, frequent users will experience long shipping delays, especially for new releases. The Netflix Turnaround Calculator is an example of throttling. Inspect Netflix Movies When They Arrive: Broken DVDs & Wrong Titles As soon as your movies come in the mail take them out and inspect them for cracks. Unlike GreenCine, Netflix movies arrive in the mail without any protective packaging: just plain paper envelopes. There's been a couple times when I've had Netflix movies sitting on the table for days only to find out it they were broken when I tried to play them. Or the DVD may be the wrong movie. Now you'll have to wait that much longer to see your next movie. Broken DVDs will play if the crack is on the label surface only. After watching a Netflix rental I discovered the DVD was cracked. I was surprised it played but noticed the crack was only on label side of the movie. Cracks around the periphery are okay too as long as they don't cross the metal surface (see picture). "Rent As Many DVDs As You Want*" Netflix Legal Disclaimer A frustrated Netflix customer e-mailed me that he called 3 different lawyers and all refused to take up his case because of the online agreement Netflix has. Delivery and Return of Rented DVDs We reserve the right to allocate and ship DVDs to you in any manner that we, in our sole and absolute discretion, determine. In determining priority for shipping and inventory allocation, we give priority to those members who receive the fewest DVDs through our service. Basically, this says they don't have to ship you any rentals and makes them impervious to any law suits regarding service. It also says they'll slow down your service if you rent too many movies. Oh, Netflix also says by becoming a subscriber you can't sue them unless you do so on their home turf and on their terms. Disputes You and Netflix agree that the United States District Court for the Northern District of California and/or the California Superior Court for the County of Santa Clara shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute between you and Netflix relating in any way to the Netflix service or Web site or these Terms of Use. You and Netflix expressly and irrevocably consent to personal jurisdiction and venue in these courts. Don't Count On Netflix Chances are the night you plan on watching a movie, Netflix won't send one. I purchase a few movies and keep them as back up when Netflix doesn't deliver. Don't forget your local video store on the corner. Voice Your Complaints! Contact the following agencies for assistance with your Netflix issues. Be patient. It took a month or longer to hear back from them. Both the BBB and the Attorney General contacted me in writing--the FTC sent me an e-mail. Silicon Valley's Better Business Bureau California Office of Attorney General The Federal Trade Commission