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Memphis is casting stones at Dallas on the basis not of personal experience but reading a Chicagoan's critiques. How ridiculously lazy and ignorant. The Dallas downtown scene has many many miles to go to be a vibrant place,without a doubt. However, it is much better off with the addition of the world class Winspear opera house a mere block from the world class Myerson symphony center another block from the DMA. Memphis would be tickled pink to have any one of those three facilities, much less all three in 2 block area. This doesn't even take into account the very fine multipurpose Wylie theater across the street from the Winspear. Now, the bridge park is literally a foot path to open the urbanizing Uptown to the business district of downtown. Clearly, these are all steps in the right direction. Dallas will never be NYC, and no one wants that. But, the cultural scene is improving greatly and heading in the right direction. By the way, these newest projects were all done with private money (several hundred million dollars in all) donated primarily by Dallasites. How many of those projects do you have Chicago or Memphis? I didn't think so.
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Mar 24, 2011