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Palm Beach County, FL
I am a fun-loving and intelligent guy who likes to voice his opinion.
Interests: Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins, Miami Hurricanes, Pahokee Blue Devils
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If Dolphins win this year, the hashtag "Fireland" will disappear fast. Must say Jeff has done a good job during FA so far.
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Coyle wants a multi-dimensional, attacking defense. The Fins issue on D is they had too many players who couldn't do multiple things. Dansby and Burnett were decent to good in coverage but had some issues in the run game and weren't good blitzers. Smith could only play press because he was lost in zone coverage, where you can get more picks from than man. This year, the Dolphins are remaking the team with playmakers!
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If Fred Davis's legal issues aren't too much of an issue, I would take a flyer on him. Only problem is he's more of an H-back. We need at least 1 true TE to help the running game.
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This post hit the Fins strategy right on the head, WE NEED SPEED!! Need to draft that TE Eiffert from ND as well, as long as he can run a 4.55
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In that case, you could goto UD on Chandler, and play Dirk with Bosh, since Bosh is our longest guy. This way, Lebron can help off of Marion when Dirk goes to his turnaround, which is a bit slow. That way, if Lebron get there, there can be a steal or a block that leads to points on the other end.
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He's a combo type player. At this point in the draft, you need to get players that are able to contribute. Maybe he can? Check this out
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I like the pick of Gates! If his speed is as advertised, he will makes defenses play the Dolphins more honest! Now we only need a seam TE and we will be set!
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I don't care who is cast as point, as long as Wade is the point when it really matters.
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Oct 24, 2009
Hate to say it but I have to agree with Colts fan 100%. They could not guard their own shadows on Monday night!
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The defense has to hold water after the O has put Peyton on the sideline the entire game.
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Tom and Shaggy, you two are not looking at this blog properly. Shaggy, you have to make the defense respect you sometimes. Tom, the players we have can get the job done if given the chance to. All real Phins fans will hope that the Trifecta reads this blog and try to make things happen on offense, instead of waiting for the defense to make a mistake.
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That is the best blog you have ever written Armando. The only way to challenge a defense is to get it to do the things it does not want to do, not the other way around. Keep it coming!
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