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Can we just be done with this? Sure, Mel had his clown costume on that night. Who hasn't done something so embarrassing that they cringe when they recall it - sometimes years later? We can all stipulate that Mel was a fool. Now, is there a good baseball game on?
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I've lived in the desert for 40 years, and I like the tortoises. Are they going to help kill al Qaeda and the Taliban who, as we all recall, declared war on the US 10+ years ago? If not, let us do our level best to keep them out of harm's way.
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Jeez, buddy, you and the Times need to just get over yourselves. This attitude that a news organization owns the franchise on communicating a news event is at the root of all the problems that you people have. Your secret is out: you people possess no special training, no exclusive gift to qualify you as a conveyor of information. The public is willing to accept the risk that something being reported electronically might be wrong, or at the least, premature. The Jackson story is 92% gossip anyway. So who cares if they would have gotten it wrong?
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