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Jack is Back
The Hammock, Florida
I am an ex-expat and own and operate a family sports legacy museum in Florida.
Interests: Golf, tennis, fitness, biking, sports memorabilia collecting, travel, politics, cooking, wine and reading crime/mystery especially nordic crime and mystery.
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JR, With chicken pox, a lot of kids and families didn't even know they had it and were out playing or going to school. That was how I caught it. Talking to my medico yesterday and he said people should not doubt they had chicken pox because it was so communicable and not as highly visible as measles or mumps. Which reminds me, how is Frau getting on?
I will assume the guy is black like in African and that he is Liberian. He must then speak with an accent. So, a black guy with a non-American accent complains of symptons similar to Ebola according to the E-room checklist and no is curious to ask the simple question, "where are you from, what is that accent"? Is there such a thing as a special-ed Nursing degree? DOOM®™
Slaap kekeer, tots morgen.
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Kill them all.
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sbw, L'if is french for a certain tree in France but most impotantly if you want the taste of Le Pin for the cost of your average Claret, I suggest you find it.
Who are the women and metrosexual males who watch The View? Mostly teacher union members and Planned Parenthood volunteers I suspect.
MM, Okay. My solution for anyone coming from Liberia or Senegal is to fly to Mexico City and come across the southern border. The only way to contain is allow the US health care system handle it not the countries with less and more unqualified facilities and that includes most Euro transit points.
MM, I still say you are over estimating the effect of this Ebola virus considering the quality of our health care facilities compared to West Africa. But if want to inter innocent people who have no signs of the virus have at it. I disagree. How come you don't say the same thing about Muslims or Russian gangsters who will have killed more people in the US than Ebola ever will?
MM, I don't think you have the law on your side to arbitraily put US citizens into quarantine if they are not showing any sytmptons of Ebola. But I could be wrong since I did not stay in a Holiday Express:)
Enjoying a wonderful 2011 L'if from my BIL's cousin in St, Emiliion which is now avaialble state side and very reasonably priced. It cures Ebola mania:) And everything else imanagiable at JOM.
Stephanie, How do you stop an American citizen from re-entering his home country no matter how many transits he makes?
An estimated 40,000 inmates in the federal prison system convert to Islam each year, It's only a matter of time. BOOM® then DOOM™
lyle, 90% of people buing $350 bottles of wine are collectors and investors. That is Krugman's biggest booboo not to understand the fine wine community. They'll open a Petrus, Cheval Blanc or Le Pin for birthdays and anniversaries but basically they are appreciating the 10 to 25% annual return Cheeers!
BoE, I went to dinner one night in Maganda in Tel Aviv (the place to eat with the Israeli elite) and sitting next to me were two hot Israeli babes in sexy cocktail dresses and their version of the AK-47 hanging over their chair. Very calming.
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Another left wing charlatan under the bus: Newsweek cautions on the reliability of Fareed Zacharia. LOL,
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More IDF pron:
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This will be the 3rd straight thread where I post the last post unless it continues. Do you feel safer today than in 2008? Do you have more disposable inome than 2008? Is your dollar giving you the same bang it did in 2008? Is your life better, richer and happier since 2008? Have you had to change doctors or medical plans you like since 2008? Are you now more convinced that Islam is a religion of peace? Questions I would like the pollers to ask sometime.
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Jim Clapper, a new sort of "road kill".
Here is an easier science quiz from Pew. Event the LIV's score in the 80's here, so JOM should max it,
lyle, He parked his McLaren Merc with valet who put in prime position in front of the restaurant. They did not know who is was bu he was black with an accent:) A few minutes later up pullls Diplomatic seciurity escorting a Yemeni ambassador or something and ordering the valet guys to move our friends car and they said they couldn't because it belonged to a Nigerian prince (which they didn't know at all). They backed off and then when our friend came out they told him what happened and all he do was laugh all the way home.
Everyone needs to read Lyle's linkn 4:06 link to Wretchard on the naive tribute to Islam. We have a Nigerian Prince friend in NYC who is Catholic and a recognized endocrinoligist who once pulled a stunt on Diplomatic security that is a classic in the annals of speaking truth to power. (It was actually not him but the valet parking crew at a NYC restaurant:)
DoT, I followed his UN speech on twitter. He doesn't pull his punches and he doesn't bluff. Very resoluted and determined and not an "I" or "me" in the speech. All "We" and "Ours".
peter, If Gus is made Ambassador to the UN then all the meetings would have to be between 10:30 at night to 2:30 in the morning:) Which when you think about it is a pretty effective strategy for shutting them down.
More lie detection from a reluctant press: President Obama Just Asked the "Are You Better Off" Question. He might not like the answer. Note how they twist themselves in a pretzel analyizing the Q&A to better serve "The Narrative" which is the MFM's job to "Protect and Serve".