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Jack is Back!
The Hammock, Florida
I am an ex-expat and own and operate a family sports legacy museum in Florida.
Interests: Golf, tennis, fitness, biking, sports memorabilia collecting, travel, politics, cooking, wine and reading crime/mystery especially nordic crime and mystery.
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Slaap lekker, tots morgen.
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Iggy and Deb., My interpretation of daddy's 5:35 is that benjacko is being played by John Malkovich and dublindave is the waiter. Does that make sense?
Toggle Commented 6 hours ago on Ben Carson? at JustOneMinute
bucc, That's fresh. NCIS is the most fake, contrived show on television, outside the NBC news hour. I have to laugh everytime the crew goes off base to use their very, very limited police powers across the wide breadth of suburban and urban America. Dismisses the local cops, "we have this" and then goes on to violate every constitutional protection imaginable. But then this is the most popular show on TV and where the brain dead get their view of American jurisprudence. Unbelievable. Now my prediction: He can't help himself. He is an unapoligetic petulant charlatan in love with his own voice and persona. He will pardon all enemies of America like Berghdal but not Snowden. He will continue to be the GOP's biggest asset and make Trump's job so much easier by being on the front page and on TV every day out of his safe space in Kalorama. He will continue to make an ass out of himself and his wife, who will continue to be the biggest ass out there. No doubt in my mind whatsover.
Toggle Commented 7 hours ago on Ben Carson? at JustOneMinute
lyle, You haven't seen our resident feather passer and young mind indoctrinator extraordinaire, Dana Ward of Cleoville and Pitzer Academy of Benevolent Stupidity in full form. His broad band has shrunk substantially since he was summarily dismissed from Pitzer and now he has to pay for his access. Thus the short missives we are now subject to. Now you understand why California is not like the rest of America.
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KK, Where in Belgium? My wife is Flemish and we go back and forth regularly. We met just outside of Waterloo. She is Antwerpen.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Ben Carson? at JustOneMinute
Frau, First Sinterklaas that Frederick has missed. He is 13 after all:) I think Bozo would make a perfect Zwarte Piet.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Ben Carson? at JustOneMinute
BTW, Rushbo did point out that under BoZo, Boeing moved its HQ from Seattle to Chicago. On Varney today, one of the guys said (and I am not making this up) that according to Boeing, making planes in China, provides more jobs here in America. Another Pitzer Economics grad.
benjacko has the economic IQ of a Greek PM. Regarding McDermott he actually said that Trump cancelled AF-1 and its unprecedented for a President Elect to make such decisions. And the profession wonders why people are so skeptical of psychiatrists. Then on the other hand you have that geographically challenged #nevertrumper, Williamson going on record that his math skills are as bad as his political reasoning by declaring on Twitter that even if BoZo had stayed in DC, the vacation costs would still have been incurred. Between academia and the media (both sides) we are being lectured to by idiots.
Wonder if Bozo will show up to the game instead of A$$ Carter? Just to show Trump he is still the Minster of Silly-One-Upmanship. Trading places a midfield during half-time is part of the game and lately its been Carter under the arm of the Superintendents. Plus for the first time in 13 years this game could be the most competitive with all of the key Navy injuries and a much improved Army team. If Army wins, we can say it was because of Trump:) No merde touch with that guy.
You know its bad enough that CVS starts putting up Christmas stuff before Halloween, but talking baseball before January is just as bad:) I only wish I had a team worth talking about. The Reds or the precursors to the Red Soxs.
MM, Actually, Gore was at Trump Tower to meet with Ivanka, who is a "Warmist" and liberal,but still Trump's daughter. She got Gore into see The Donald. Remember he slid back a little in his Times interview. She will be pusing that as part of her own DC agenda. Looks like its Eric and Donald, Jr. to run the company and she plays activist along with her hubby. If there was ever a reason to join OL on The Ledge after the inauguration it is when Ivank starts to get her way.
Hey! Will be seeing Trump on Saturday. He is going to the Army-Navy game in B'aldmore. So are we. Doing the Bus & Tailgate f rom Navy-Marine Corp stadium in Annapolis. Going down Friday noon and come back on Sunday. Whole crew of us from Southampton. But having Trump at the game will make more heads explode. But he will have the whole crowd on his side.
Ice on the windshield this morning. Got to start putting the covers on the cars at night. KK, Thanks. It was Bell, CA. Fake news and fake comedy have nothing on Fake governance: See Oakland. Fake fire chief. Fake building inspector. No one dies in fake news but fake government and services seem to.
If I am one of the fire families, I am going to talk to a damn good lawyer about whether I can sue, not only the city but those high paid bureaucrats that obviously were not doing their jobs. There needs to be some criminal responsibility here. Wasn't there a minority city somewhere in SoCal where they fired all the City council and bureaucrats after it was determined they were making hundreds of thousands of dollars and the average citizen there was at about $30k per year?
I thought she was wearing a Christmas Tree at lurkersusie's 8:36 link.
Gus, Wait till I add the sex scenes. And those aren't the ones a Come Ping Pong but the ones with Marty aka Ernie. You will need new goggles.
Geez, never even considered that twist in my ongoing serial about Ernie. You mean he can arrested for spreading "fake news'? Let me know when that happens since it will mean big revisions to the next chapter.
Taiwan. Had a great set of clubs made there. Still have them. Sanwa. Cast irons and perfect persimmon drivers. Brought them back to Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia, after spending time in Taipei negotiating a deal to get a crew of engineers and instrumention techs. We had a Japanese division of Honeywell manufacturing our instrumentation for the refinery and they couldn't handle the set point and calibration requirements to meet schedule. But the Taiwanese guys could and not only that they went to every part of the project, tore open the control crates and began installing, testing and finalizing. It was like it was water off a log for them. Then the control rooms including the master all of suddend came alive just because we brought in a bunch of Taiwanese who knew how to work and outdo the Japanese at their own schtick. Best I&C engineers I have ever worked with and their total never exceeded 25. A job with 14K employees and 25 of them save the schedule.
OL, Labs? You should see his. NCIS should be so lucky:) He is thinking also about using his multi-meter (Ohm-meter to some) to check out all the various sports drinks and see if any of them have the electrolytes pure OJ has?
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Positive Thinking At The Times! at JustOneMinute
Jimmy Stewart wanders into "A Wonderful Life" in Trump's 2016.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Positive Thinking At The Times! at JustOneMinute
anonamom, I'll ask you and OL and Buckeye for their kids, but when did you decide you wanted to be a physician? What age, what grade, what was the prime motivation? Teacher, interests, family? Frederick has another science project for this class year in which he is building his own "gel electrophoresis chamber" but instead of saliva to do a DNA ID, he is using food dyes to measure. Then on top of that he is playing a doctor in the Christmas play.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Positive Thinking At The Times! at JustOneMinute
OL, You guys are talking like Trump and his team are just sitting around in the Tower waiting out this recount without any input or monitors. He has his lawyers, his political operatives and local GOP on the job. This is all a wild goose chase even if they find 70K ballots in a warehouse in Detroit. Trump is not going to lay down and let corruption of the vote win the day. But I am prepared to come on over and work the bar for you but we will only deliver to the window sill. We don't go on the ledge.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Positive Thinking At The Times! at JustOneMinute
I use DuckDuckGo. Keeps my searchs private. Noticed how all the tracking algorithms for pop up ads on FB and other sites just disappear now.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Positive Thinking At The Times! at JustOneMinute
BoE, Go to Sotheby's for the widest selection of Bordeaux Magnums and Imperials or Double Magnums. They have a Mag of Certan de May for $225 plus other selections. One reason I drove the other car up was to pack it up with Mags, double mags and an Imperial of Pontet-Canet for Frederic's confirmation party. I used to use Antique Wine Company in London but it takes to long to ship.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Positive Thinking At The Times! at JustOneMinute
I know Stavridis's COO at NATO. Well that's the title I give him. He is a neighbor in Florida. Just retired out of Mons. Got to ask him what this is all about. Better than Huntsman, that's for sure. Someone in the family doesn't like Rudi, it appears.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Positive Thinking At The Times! at JustOneMinute