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Jack is Back
The Hammock, Florida
I am an ex-expat and own and operate a family sports legacy museum in Florida.
Interests: Golf, tennis, fitness, biking, sports memorabilia collecting, travel, politics, cooking, wine and reading crime/mystery especially nordic crime and mystery.
Recent Activity
Sue, That may be the idea. Suck in some locals shooting up the troops, declare martial law and confiscate weapons from ordinary citizens. I wouldn't put it past the Regiime. Agents Provocueter.
daddy, The new Raffles of the original. When I lived there the old one was the onlyl one. Home of the Singapore Sling which I could never get into but Tiger beer and Bintang were good as long as you had Ouzo or Jenever chasers. I iake it you have been to the various outdoor food courts and sampled the offereings. Do they still have breakfast at the zoo with the Orangutans?
Looks like it is over for the Zags. Off to read my book. No sense watching a defeat. IMHO whoever wins Wisconsin- Kentuchy wins the whole thing.
Frederick and I made 2' blow guns for his Nerf darts out of 1/2" PVC Pipe, a female screw end adapter and some ducttape to wrap it. He can shoot his Nerf dart over 50 feet. There is a way to make it deadly with special paper darts and nails. But we won't go there,
...Palm Grove.....
Its actually the Floridian Golf Club and its on the St. Lucie River to your port side. Surprised you didn't see it. Its just north of the Palm Gove Yacht and Golf Club across from Stuart as you pass under the US 1 causeway. Its Butch Harmon's main teaching facility. He lives there and I spent 3 days there with his staff a few years back. Great course. Man sized and difficult from the tips but fair from the handicap tees.
Now is good time to read John Lukacs "Five Days in London, May 1940" on how Churchhill and his War Cabinet handled the Chamberlin appeasement, Germany's "Phony or Reluctant War" and Dunkirk. Churchill even had a divided cabinet that still wanted to search for Chamerlainesque peace terms with Hitler. Lot of lessons in leadership there but unfortunately, we don't have a parlimentary system of government. And Churchill wasn't a community organizer.
If Barabara Lee is right and global warming will chase women into prostitution then this new law in France won't make difference: French Law Would Make it Illegal to Look "like a prostitute" Last I saw of BoE he was heading to Paris to run the NO campaign against the law.
Michigan State is in. Leaves the Zags v. Blue Devil game to set the four places.
5 minute OT. All tied up 65-65. I really have no dog in this fight but I haven't seen so many missed layups, tap ins or put aways under the net in a long time. I don't even think there has been more than 2 dunks.
Jane, In 12 seconds you'll have 3 teams in the final four with one more elite 8 to go at 5:05. Gonzaga v. Diuke. Wisconsin and Kentucky are already in. Now we wait to see if Michigan State or Louisville join them.
Talking about White Privilege, meet the Weather Underground bomb maker who ended up spending 25 years as a NYC school teacher. Never spent a day in jail. And, like Ayers, is unremorseful.
You can increase your base "privilege" score by 1) moving the "attractiveness" scale all the way to the right limit, and 2) scoring the highest income node. I think that is how henry got to 270:)
Another Airbus 320 crashes. This time an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Hit power lines and belly flopped. 25 minor injuries out of 135 pax. It all comes in 3's and I am nervous as hell since Mrs. JiB flies from Brussels to Munich on the 31st on GermanWings A-320. Praying 24/7.
Great PIeces, Clarice. Happy Palm Sunday to all. Very Sunny on the First Coast but colder than a well digger's deriere.
Cats by the skin of their teeth. Great game. BTW, ND is no Wisconsin and the Badgers must take heart seeing this game.
Not jinxing but IIRC the Irish beat an undefeated UCLA, then did the same to an undefeate Oklahoma in football and also an undefeated UConn ladies team, right? Or sometihing like that.
exdem, Its DOE sec. Moniz who is the wild card. He is the only guy there beside Salehi who knows what the hell they are talking about (i.e Nuclear enrichment and physics). Not something even Lurch would even have a comic book undertstanding of. We have turned our safety and security over to one MIT nerdy professor. Feel better?
Is CH at the game? Its in Cleveland.
Its early but....Irish up 2 on Kentucky. Now 4. No bench though and that could do them in over an hour against those brutes. BTW, Irish beat Syracuse today to become No. 1 in college lacrosse. Who knows.
9:26 is pretty early for drink or two to celebrate selling America down the proverbial river.
Sam Dekker!
We need a JOM travel guide for all our cities, towns, villages and locales. rse has started a good one for the Buckhead area of Attalnta, a city I only visited once and have no idea where I was or even stayed. This way if anyone is traveling and happens to be in that area or near it they know all the best places to stay, eat and see. Can we do this on the Wiki page?
matt, My only regret is that I didn't blow up his estate on Old Town Road in Southampton when I had the chance. He's gone now but his ex wife is still there and so is his kids. Hmmm.......
Mean't to add: Wait until they see the Zags.