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Jack is Back
The Hammock, Florida
I am an ex-expat and own and operate a family sports legacy museum in Florida.
Interests: Golf, tennis, fitness, biking, sports memorabilia collecting, travel, politics, cooking, wine and reading crime/mystery especially nordic crime and mystery.
Recent Activity
Good, brrrrrrr, chilly morning from the Hamptons where we awoke to a layer of fresh global warming in the form of frozen sleet on the rental and lawns, hedges and trees. If you go to my FB page I have a photo up.
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Frederick set his super-cooper multiple-tasking spy gear watch to 0115 and strapped in his wrist. When it went off, he scrambled out of bed woke us up and we stumbled to our 2nd story front bedroom, looked a little SW at about 2 o'clock in the sky and there was the moon but in a haze. Finally, some of it parted to get a quick peek of the shadow but that was all. A full cloud took over and waiting 10 more minutes, NADA. Tonight or the next morn we'll go for the blood moon.
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Rarest car I ever saw and rode in was a 1951 Frazier 4 Door Convertible that my roomate in college owned via his Dad a wealthy doctor in Michingan. It sucked oil like it was a personal plant of the Saudis.
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As sundown approaches, my best wishes to Clarice and others for a Happy Passover.
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NK, Her name says it all - Molly Crabapple. My theory continues to stand uncontested. Progs are the most unhappy people in the world and everyday the Molly Crabapples of the World provie it.
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Back to Phelps: Of the 3 events he will swim in only the 100 Fly is a world record owned by him which he set in Rome in 2009 Worlds. His 50 and 100 Personal bests are good enough to beat that kid at Florida, Bradley something or other. There are much better and faster swimmers right now, not as complete as Phelps but he will have his hands full.
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NK, Not coming into the City this trip. Good Friday for us is tradional at our Basilica of The Sacred Hearts here in Southampton. Frederick and I were baptized there and its our spiritual home but thanks for the tip. A saving grace is that at least we can't see any Soviet propaganda posters in that boudoir living room. More like Honey Boo Boo meets Bunny Ranch.
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BoE, Stopped by Shinnecock today on our way out to Conscience Point for Frederick's history project. They are re-shingling the clubhouse and roof. Taking out so many trees, it is now back to its 19th century look and that of when Dick Wilson did the redesign. Very linksy which is what the USGA wants for when the open returns in 2018. Will try to get some photos tomorrow. Same for the National and Southampton Golf Club (a 1925 Seth Raynor design). All treeless, defenseless to the winds off either the bay or the ocean. NK, Great thing about Frederick's tennis camp during the break is its under twin bubbles. The meetup with tonto and Harry is set for 1000hrs, Wednesday at Pierre's in Bridgehampton.
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Yesterday, I noticed I hadn't put the flag out by the front door when we pulled in Saturday. So, I retrieved it but before I could set it, Frederick took and decided to do an impromtu patriotic march up our street:)
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Peter, That part of central Florida (George Zimmerman's county) up to the panhandle and the border counties are chock-a-block with black bear. There is an incident once a week of bear attacks, or nuisence. CH, Iit could have been that English Anglican priest who is a divorced father of five who is marrying his boyfriend and will be the first same-sex marriage by a clergyman in church history. How'd you like to be a member of St. James, in Oxley-on-Thames (or whatever), and come to Sunday mass to meet your pastor and his significant other just married:)
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Good morning JOM from the south fork of the east end of Long Island where the sun is up but kids are still in bed. Looks like the Hamptons meet up is on for this Wednesday at Pierre's in Bridgehampton at 1000hrs. If that changes will let you know. I know it's a haul for the City crowd and I don't know if Peter can make it but all are welcome. So far, it's tonto, Harry and the JiB family.
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BTW, I am off to bed. Big day tomorrow. Frederick starts Tennis Camp at Future Stars. Then on Wednesday its meet up with tonto and Harry in East Hampton. All Long Islanders or New Yorkers who want to make the trip from hell can join us. Its going to be around 10am. Details to follow. Slaap lekker, tots morgen.
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daddy, Today, we parked right in front of Sip 'N Soda. The car behind us was a sleek black very sporty, US Government sponsored Finnish made Tesla. As I walked in front of it I went Vroom Vroom and a guy walking bye started to laugh:)
Echo's of Schwartzel on No.1 a few years back. That shot proves this kid has game.
Spieth and Kuchar at -6 and 54 yo Monsuier Boom Boom on their heels. And it's only the front 9.
daddy, We call it "bomb and gouge" strategy. No rough at Augusta, but the par 4's like No. 1 are long. Guys like Bubba and Spieth would rather have 9 iron bump & run or a 7 iron out of the pine straw than a 4 or 5 iron from the fairway. Their club head speed is so high that with a 1 degree offset from center can affect the trajectory of the ball by as much as 30 degree from center of the fairway. That said the name of this game is getting up and down making your birdies when offered then avoiding disaster on the back nine on Sunday.
Clarice, I call Gus, the foreman of the JOM night shift. When I read the thread in the morning from the time I retired it is obvious that Gus leads the band. If only I had a musical note in my body, I'd be able to understand what he, BoE, CH, Bori and others are talking about but it is always interesting.
Night all. Slaap lekker,. tots morgen. Falling asleep just typing ths.
narcio. Frederick just gave me a high five when I read your 6:43 to him. Good Flick for Marvel guys. BTW, how do you get fired your first day as a Wiinie the Pooh character? By wearing your costume backwards, that's how:)
MaryD, Congrats on Granddaughter's First Commuinon. Where in Florida? We normally have our's on Divine Mercy Sunday. Looking forward to tomorrow because I love the reading of the Passion and I am back in the church I was baptized and Frederick was baptized.
Can I try that again? "restored" and "P:ark Lane". Thanks. How about young Jordan Spieth. If he gets in the final twosome on Sunday, this could be the death kiss to Tiger's sphere of influence.
DoT, Ed, being typical of labor leftists, do not recognize Jewish PM's that were Tories. Simple but believe it. BTW, Mrs. JiB was the architect who restore Disralei's house on Park Land for the Bank of Bahrain's Dilmun Investment Group back in 1999,.
BoE, This was the tournament where Couples played and the French press dubbed him "Monsuier Boom Boom". It was also the tournament where Seve played without any logos on his bag, his shirt or his hat. When Retief Goosen got in the bunker on number 8, he skulled it over the green near where I was standing and promptly chipped it in to save par. It was also the tournament where the French, iunaccustomed to being without their cell phone or high heels, did cotiere socials while the guys were putting resulting in Scottish caddies in brogue annoucing "Ferme Votre Bouche". Also it was the tournament where Colin Montgomery's rabbit ears went full eleven when he would stop walking up the fairway and ask the Frenchies to stop talking and waking across the fariwway in front of him. A delilghtful experience:)
I am finally home (I consider Southampton my home and will be buried here). Been here since 2:30 but had to go get groceries, wine and Tito's (natch). Finally watching the Masters with a Tito's and Tonic and boy does that feel really good. BoE, A note on MIguel Angel Jiminez: He is more than a character, he is maybe the most socialable guy I have known as a professional golfer. When I was living in London, Eurostar (which I helped develop) ran a special offer to travel to Paris, stay at a 4 star hotel, and attend the Tropheé Lâncome golf tournament. I think I have mentioned before that it is probably the most interesting tournament in golf only because of the cuisine and wine that is offered:) The Master's has their Pimento Cheese sandwiches but the Tropheé Lâncome offers you a 5 course sit down lunch with two bottles of vino (blanc and rouge). Anyway, Miguel pipped David Duval at the 18th, a downhill par 3 with water on the right (which Duval had found earlier). Jiminez watching that pulled his tee shot left then proceeded to chip in. In his broken English he thanked every one, walked straight to the clubhouse bar (which I had a pass to) and proceeded to order a glass of Claret and a Churchill cigar. At first, he and I were the only ones there because everyone else was still back at the course. So, I struck up a conversation with him:) It was like, no big deal, a very good wine and the cigar is good also. What time is it? I have a plane to catch. Okay, Miguel, but you have time for a wine and cigar, enjoy. By the way, great victory. Yes, it was worth the walk, eh? Adios, drains the drink but keeps the cigar and is off to the races. Most fun experience I have had with a star!
Have they heard any pongs, yet? Getting ready to land. 5 minutes early. Later.