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Jack is Back
The Hammock, Florida
I am an ex-expat and own and operate a family sports legacy museum in Florida.
Interests: Golf, tennis, fitness, biking, sports memorabilia collecting, travel, politics, cooking, wine and reading crime/mystery especially nordic crime and mystery.
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henry, We started using Virtual Reality technology back in the 80's to allow our clients to walk through our designs in everything from theme parks to power plants to refineries. We'd bring plant operators in to make sure the conrol valves were in the correct ergonomic position, or the turnstile on the theme park ride was correct for the minimum height of riders, etc. I understand rse's concerns but there are plenty of beneficial uses in this technology including cost and quality.
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on And Back In Yemen at JustOneMinute
NFL law? LOL. Who is the supreme court of NFL law - the Owners? Ha, ha. Give it a break NK. There are all kinds of laws but I want to know what real law was broken? Not a fraterernity's behavior standard. We are making more out of this than we should. Lets play the games and let the best team win. Or give me back all those Yankes WS wins under A-Rod.
DrJ. They used Argon.
Abdullah will get Lady Gaga and the Beach Boys. Perhaps they may decide on someone more appropiate like Jackie Mason but I doubt it.
NK, With all due respect, then maybe if you are making blanket accusations based on the effecrts of chemistry and physics, you should wait until all the evidence is in before you make them. I had a lawyer frined once tell me that if you can't argue on facts then try the law. I suggest that there is no law in regard to this issue. Let the facts tell us what happened.
daddy, You're 2 minutes too late but at least you are a lot earlier than my usual delvieries from Uncle Fred:) BTW, unlie UPS I saw one of your trucks turn left today.
King Abdullah is dead. Long live the Kng.
My Dad, his brother and sister's school is 25 on that list. Mine would make the Catholic school list but then it wouldn't be on that list, it was upstate NY and Jesuit and hockey oriented. Last time I checked we had 3 Nobel prize winners. And they didn't even play hockey. Go figure.
SG, I doubt a dome team would not feel uncomfortable if their room wasn't at least 72F:) CH and all you other beer + jazz afficanados:
The Huntress weighs in. Trigger warning: It comes from Mediaite
My solution is simple. Just like truck loads. Seal the rubber point of inflations with an offical yellow and black piece of official NFL tape duly noted in uneraseable ink the date, time and officals name, address, telephone number and NFL designated ID number.
SG, Correct but then that means that the Colts guy inflated his balls in a meat freezer behind the concessionaire commisary.
Memories! David Gregory: DC Gun Law/ Ammunition Magazine. DC Finally Releases his Arrest Report.
BTW, one other thing: When you consider Young Mr. Brady and the Tuck Rule, it stands to reason he would from that point on prefer a softer ball that he can safely tuck in better. Just sayin'
Good morning? Where the hell are you daddy, Australia?
Sandy, LOL. Body counts from optical air intelligence? I have some expertise in that since I wa AI for my 10 years reserve duty. Lord love a duck o that being an infallible stat. Tom Brady just put more bodies under the bus than the Obama ghost coalition has killed in ISIL bombing raids.
NK, Doubt it since she was born in Tolaso, near La Plata in BA Province in 1953. Lots of German emigres to Argentina pre-WW2. BTW, Tucuman is hardly Patagonia. Its in the Northwest not south. That is where Eichman initially went. But he lived most of his time (7 years) in San Fernando, BA Province where he was captured. Only the Nazis who like the Alpine lifestyle went to Bariloché:)
Hasselbeck says its Brady and offers his reasons. Sounds about right to me. Okay to doctor ball before ref inspecition. Not okay to deflate after the inspection. Puts the onus squarely on Brady and the equipment staff. Says coaches never get involved with balls and backs it up.
Clarice, The legacy of Eva Peron lives on and on and on. Remember when AMIA was bombed Carlos Menem was El Presidente. Menem's family was Syrian but immigrated to La Rioja province in the northwest of Argentina. He was a Peronist and was the first "blind side tackle" the Iranians used to stop any inquiry in their direction. I was living there at the time 5 and it was pretty obvious to everyone he didn't want to tangle with the Mullah and their Quds Force of operatives. When "Carolitas" his son was killed in the helo accident in 1995 I think it sent a further chill through the Argentine power structure. To this day, most observers of the AMIA bombing believe he was assasinated just to make sure Menem didn't have second thoughts. Fernandez-Kirchner and her husband Nestor were around then and she was in the Senate in 1995 when Carolista was killed. BTW, a little trivia NK will appreciate: Kirchner's mother's maiden name was Wilhelm:)
Calling Col. Nathan Jessup to the White Phone.
He just can't help himself. Anyone believe this crock of shinola? Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller 8m8 minutes ago "When I was really young I wanted to be an architect," the pres told the kids. (TV Pool photo by Bill Alberter/CNN). BoE, Jeff Gordon is retiring after 2015 season.
Conservative News Outlet Moving to Rosslyn Janet and JamesD will love the comments. How the hell can you live there without a carry permit?
OT: From the Dowtown 5-0-5 Club in Clearwater:) A new study found that watching Fox News can make you more conservative and watching MSNBC can make you more liberal. And, watching CNN can make you think that no airplane has ever safely reached its destination.
So, who beside the Iranian ferret and her manchild, wants this deal?
Martha McSally commanded an A-10 squadron. CT, I seem to remember reading that the USMC F-35 cannon will not be operational until 2019. What have you heard? Is this the teething pains you alluded to in your prior post?