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Jack is Back
The Hammock, Florida
I am an ex-expat and own and operate a family sports legacy museum in Florida.
Interests: Golf, tennis, fitness, biking, sports memorabilia collecting, travel, politics, cooking, wine and reading crime/mystery especially nordic crime and mystery.
Recent Activity
The only carb I have had in 3 weeks was a piece of Frederick's birthday cake last evening. I am down 15 pounds since I started my no-carb/high orotein diet with elevated energy levels. My target is another 20 pouds and stay that way. The Euro visit, cruise and 2 weeks in Italy did nothing for maintaing weight:)
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BoE, It was from my BiL and we opened it for Mrs. JiB birthday a few years back. I have two more Certan imperials as well as a Pontet Cantet and a Petit Village. Pontet Canet was our wedding wine.
Sue, you're on my list. Hit may have the franchiise but I am going to move in and compete for the vocation/avocational business, What is you vocation.
No Screaming Eagle!
Got a friend here who subcribes to Screaming Eagle every year but has no wine room and is always pestering me to use mine. Not on my life. I am a claret man, mostly Pomerols anddo not need the corruption. Too easy to grow win in California. Way too easy. DrJ can chime in as necessary. Fiah - Ka - bobs are ready to go on the grill.
I dated a MD in the Air Force and we went to the OC one night where she saved an old O-6 with health problems from a heart attahck. I was os impressed I dropped her like a hot rock because she made me feel so inferior I thought I would never be able to relate and I had a degree in engineering. Something about having life and death in one's hands that sort of stands out many yeers later.
Ex/Anne would make a perfect Publix bag boy since they give preference in hiring to the disabled both physical and mental. One reason they are a great companay and have so many local customers like me.
Damn, it is Anne! Not even in DoT's navy does anyone talkj like her. What a pathetic composition of uninteresting mental disformaty.
Hit, I thought Steph maintained the list?
I have been thinking about this for awhile reading JOM: Why not hava a roster of everyone's vocational and avocational expertise or interests? We could become like a specialty Kelly Girl kind of institutioanal internet service, Give us your questions and we'll give you answers. We have the "list" and all we need is to add the two categories. For example: Iggy's vocation is logging and his avocatioanal interest is firearms and cars. Drj's vocation is biochemistry (IIIRC) and his avocatioanal is classic piano music. What do you think? Crazy?
No, dang it, rse, I puposedly left you off to give him an opening:) Frederick is ready if he goes Greek mythology in any way.
Forgot, flying and walking around the Alaskan wilderness with nothing but 3 dogs.
I wonder what Exasp knows about railway enginnering, publishing newspapers, nuclear power, pistolas, Puerto Rico, economics, medicine, biochemistry, computer science and golf:)
Smoked Whitefish - yummy! There used to be a place in St. Ignace that only sold smoked whitefish and it was always packed. Stayed open til they ran out. Smokers were out back. But the great cuisine of the Michigan lake country and the UP is the ubiquious Friday Night All You Can Eat Perch Fry:) Well, that and pasties!
Hit, Mrs. JiB wants you to know she appreciates you helping the Belgian economy. Deahaize, the large grocery chain in Belgium owns Food Lion. Its where we shop when in Antwerp. That and Carrefour (the French chain), which is all over the map. I used to shop at the Carrefour in BA whn I lived there
Beasts, He loves it. Today we hit the beach at low tide and he rode for an hour then back to the pool.
Having "fish-ka-bobs" for dinner tonight. Grouper. We love our local Publix!
EiB. LOL. Remind me why we shouldn't visit Idaho next year.
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USA JV Team beats Tuekey but not by as much as Finland.
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Good God, I have completely forgotten what program I wrote that in. Yikes!
Drj. . I correct myself, o f course we can convert floppys to dvs or dvds but I was experiencing a 1980's dream episode I actually have it in its original three prong presentation folder and he has reasd it and tells me that I gorgot about Norbet Weiene's warnings on taking too much logic for grantred:)
BTW, Megan Ripinoe and Amy Wambach are not obese.
Stephanie, You need to go eBay. That stuff wil pay for you new summer kitchen.
I did my masters on a 5" floppy which I have preserved for Frederick. I have no idea on how he will ever read it but since he is now experimenting with developimg artiiciical blood I don't think it will be a challamge. BTW, his birthday present beside his surfboard is a digital microscope that can hooke up to his MacBook. Expect the cure to cancer by Christmas.
Thanks to floppys all my secrets are safe:)