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Jack Tomlinson
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IN DEFENCE OF GOOCH. By someone who doesn't want his ribs broken. Sure, blame it on Gooch. That's easy. The fact is that the game could have easily been 3-3 and Gooch would have been instrumental by jumping out of the gym on that header. Look, did he have a bad game? Yes. Why? Because he's only had two competitive matches following his two month injury. If Gooch can stay healthy for an entire season, all of you will be signing his praises in one year's time. What's even more shocking is someone like Boca, who's been playing all year, making a series of errors. Did he get into his old crappy backwards passing habits? Yes. Why? Gooch was scared to cough it up because Brazil is the best team in the world at pressing defenders on the ball and even other CBs like Cameron and Ream would have been equally scared and coughed it up. This is what the long ball, and Gooch actually has a good long ball, is for. The upshot is that you can't beat Brazil at its own game. Sure, "proactive, attacking football" is nice, and the last two games show that we're getting much better at it, against teams like this, you need to dig in and counter attack. This is how Chelsea beat Barcelona and won the Champions league. This is how the US team in 2009 beat Spain and almost beat Brazil. Gooch is at his best when he's defending in compact spaces and can dominate in the air. Which US CBs can hold a high line against Brazil and stop Neymar and Marcelo in open space? Sorry, we don't have any and I don't think that any country has those type of defenders. They don't' exist. In conclusion, Klinsman wanted to test how far the US team has come regarding the new "proactive" style, and I'm actually pretty impressed. However, do we have the CBs to play a high line against Brazil and Spain. No. Not even Germany or France would try some crazy sh** like that (maybe this is what Philip Lamm was talking about when he said that Klinsman lacks tactical sophistication). I hope that if we do meet in Brazil in the WC, that we play them like Chelsea played Barca. With Fabian Johnson, we have a players that can break out and counter. Gooch is and always will be "king of the air". This is his role going forward and will save the US's a** on many occasions either by clearing or knocking in headers on set pieces. I"ve seen him hold a high line with Sporting, though this isn't his strong suit, and neither is zonal marking for that matter, he's much better one v. one, i.e. "Gooch, shut down Hulk and punch him in the ribs". So, let's hope for two years of injury free Gooch at Sporting. Having said that Cameron better get his a** over the Europe and play on the highest level.
Bornstein is Bush-League!
For those that are watching Bundesliga, Rico Clark is playing central defense for Eintracht Frankfurt and is doing very well in that position. I'd rather see him than Edu back with Gooch. Talking about Gooch, he's lost a lot of weight and seems a bit nimbler (he's playing left back for Twente). NO MO HATIN' ON GOOCH!!! He's ballin', give it up. So, my back four would be Boca, Onyewu, Clark, and Dolo. I'd like to see Lichaj, but Houllier's not even dressing him after last performance. Spector's been ballin' recently in midfield. He's not a natural winger, but I could see him in central defense next to Gooch. Goodson's a good second/third string option. NO MORE BORNSTEIN! NO MORE BORNSTEIN!
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Jan 24, 2011