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Let me make this short: Your tweets about the Singularity Summit got me reading up on it, and relook at how we perceive the world. I joke on a regular basis about Skynet, and how personal robots cannot get here soon enough, yet jokes aside... I do believe that it will become reality. For all the benefit the technological advancements can bring to the human species, I do believe that we might see a new world order of have's and have-nots. We might see the haves embracing the technology to advance who they are, and the have-nots refusing to use the technology. New technology will always have critics. And the critics are necessary to move us forward or redirect our efforts. There are also the ethical and philosophical effects to consider. But is it necessary to stop all innovation? Bottom line, people are scared of change. They will not embrace a technology that will benefit them, because it means they need to change the way they do things. About me uploading my mind and personality to some global server, I think not. One of me is enough :)
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Nov 5, 2011