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Jacqueline Cobb
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Great, we've elected a black man as president of the United States of America. We have elected an incompetent/criminal (Miami Herald, 10/24) as Florida governor. Yet, our time hasn't come. It is sad to say, but it reaffirms what I thought when Obama got by my candidate, Hillary Clinton: DISCRIMINATION IS ALIVE AND WELL (STILL). Unfortunately, at time where a black man can be president, gays have rights (no one should discriminate against/or oppress anyone - period, so they deserve to be happy, like anyone else; futhermore, I condemn the bullying tactics used against them as shameful), and even a criminal can be governor (as long as it is a man) - what is wrong with electing a woman? I had a HUGE problem when they chose Obama over a MUCH BETTER QUALIFIED CLINTON! Now, I see the SAME TREATMENT with my candidate, Alex Sink. WAKE UP! Get OUT of the sticks! You have shamed, tainted, and sullied my beloved Florida. You have now made it the LAUGHING STOCK STATE (I've already heard comments trashing it today; thanks for humiliating it with those two of "questionable repute," to say the VERY least). I wish Norman Braman would recall this guy! I for one, am about restoring honor to my birth state, my beloved Florida. God help us! Jacqueline Cobb, M.B.A., Ph.D. (ABD)
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Nov 3, 2010