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jacqui McCalister
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As someone who was one of the young girls whose many many friends and family had abortions, the pro abortion (not choice- one choice for one (the mother) compared with millions of choices lost for her child is NOT pro choice) movement is disingenuous in their reasons for not wanting people to view their child under ultrasound (yes it's their child, just like it's a baby if it's wanted). The majority of people getting abortions (and Zorn you might be interested in this as I suspect you would care) are young girls (many under 16) with much older boyfriends (this was a true statistic a few yrs ago) who pressure them. I had many friends and family (including a sister who jumped off an abortion table while in the stirrups) go into abortion clinics. They were Always pressured (I'm not saying everyone is, but I believe most are) by their boyfriends (many of whom could be arrested for statutory rape) and it was not their decision. They simply didn't know where to turn. Eric Zorn, if you had held these girls for literally the years of devastation afterwards (for regretting their abortions) who felt they did not make a good choice you may feel you are supporting the wrong camp. Their decision was not it an informed one. It was often hasty and oftentimes under threat and fear. Showing a female an ultrasound of her child (by the way it is almost always younger girls not mature women) does help them to make an informed choice. They have been told it's not a baby, well how about being more medically honest and showing them exactly what is in their uterus. Young girls generally would not know to do ask for this. Why should they not see their child so they know what they are actually doing? Trust me, they know later when they face the devastating consequences. From those of us who have comforted those in deep, deep grief for years after an abortion (an effect that passes political and religious lines)- I say the least we can do for these girls is show them what their mother's heart will clearly know later, that they killed their own child. Trust me, later they will realize it, I've seen it and heard it too many times to believe the problem goes away after that. What they don't know is the problems (most cases) have just begun. By the way, my sister who jumped off an abortion table now has a 20 yr old son in college. I guess he wasn't just a cluster of tissues. She never regretted it. I never know a woman who decided not to abort regret it. Words can't describe the depth of grief I've witnessed for years after an abortion from those who did do it. So as a woman from a generation of girls who did get abortions. I say "think twice" those of you who feel you extend mercy by helping them gain access to abortion. It would be much more compassionate to have them see their child on ultrasound so they know what they are actually doing. Esp those who are young girls being pressured from adults to do what is against their nature to do as a mother. Finally as a health care worker I firmly believe having girls see their child actually helps them make an informed decision. Don't you think if 80% of girls and women stop having an abortion because they see the child this testifies that they did not know what they were doing (not seeing the reality of this as a baby) and is actually given them a true choice. ZORN REPLY -- Whereas I've known many women who have little regret about their abortions; who've gone on to have two, three or more children in a nuclear family and career setting that they think might not have happened were they single mothers early in their lives. I'd love to see some links from you or anyone else about the impact of ultrasounds.... real studies, peer reviewed research. Here is something to gainsay your invented statistics about who gets abortions: "Women between the ages of 15 and 19 account for about 19% of all abortions; women 20 to 24 account for another 33%; and about 25% of abortions are obtained by women who are 30 or older.... Most abortions (88%) are obtained in the first trimester of pregnancy. In fact, over half of all abortions are obtained within the first 8 weeks. Fewer than 2% occur at 21 weeks or later."
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Apr 13, 2011