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i was excited to see this, until i got to this part: "I see in comments that you have to be a cable subscriber to get access to the show. Damn. Well, baby steps, I guess." sigh. i do not subscribe to any form of television service...
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mmmm, dice. i didn't realize how much i miss my dice. i'm not even sure where they are right now, other than buried in the closet in a different box than the 1st ed DM guide. they have been languishing unused since 1995. :(( and sadly, i will probably never be anywhere near where you are to bring you dice. i know you'd give them a good home where they could be used and loved and romp with other dice. now i has a sad. no worries, though. i will go listen to christian kane's cd and all will be good. i totally understand the no touching thing. you might want to bring some hand sanitizer, you know, for the dice.
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Aug 22, 2011