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So beautiful! I'm getting some very strong Rita Hayworth vibes here! xxxx
Ah Jo, don't make me start sobbing before brekkie!! I really really hope that there's some fabulous occasion lurking in my future that necessitates another silken beauty from your Aladdin's cave of tactile delights! In fact, I'm going to seek one out! Lots of love xxxx
Thanks Amy! Issidora's work is simply stunning - I was transfixed watching her work, which was a great distraction from wedding morning jitters! (Bucks fix may also have been a factor here). I was umming and ah-ing about the red lippy in church but Kylie said I should go for it, and I'm so glad I did! xxxx
Thanks so much Libby for taking the time to comment! What are the chances of a fellow South Wales bride, who has had a long engagement, having recovered from a back injury, having read my little piece?! These internets are crazy and amazing sometimes! I'm so glad that you've recovered and I wholeheartedly agree with what you say about the human body - 'celebrate' is exactly the right word. It's so nice to hear that I'm not the only one who feels like this! You don't get this kind of dialogue and reassurance through magazines - lets hear it for wedding blogs! Have an absolutely beautiful wedding - I am certain that you will, and whether the sun is out or not, you will be radiating positivity and love, and your other half is very lucky indeed. All the best xxxxx
Thank you! All the best of luck - great choice of theme ;-) Have a wonderful day xxxx
Much love sweetheart! See you at the renewal of the vows, annually yeah? xxxxx
Thank you so much - it really is a beautiful piece, and I'll treasure it! xxxx
I most certainly was inspired by Franky and Carl's spectacular day! Franky's article a while back about red lippy also gave me the courage to give it a go for the ceremony xxxx
Thank you all so much for your wonderful words! It has been such a pleasure reliving the day and I have to thank Annabel for all of the inspiration I've soaked up (stolen?) from Love My Dress over the past three years. It really is such a thrill to grace these pages that I have so avidly perused for so long! And a massive thank you to my fabulous A-team of suppliers - don't think you've gotten rid of me just because I'm all married and stuff... XXXX
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Mar 14, 2013