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Been reading since around the time this was first published. ;-). I love how you worked in the reference inspired by Stand By Me. Ever seen it? ;-). It was my favorite surprise of the summer of 86 or whenever it was released to theathers. I was a fan then.
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Thanks for reposting that. Its become a traditional expectation. Been here since the early days- 2002 or so. My other favorite story is about poles, wax and the home center, probably that orange one.
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that was a nice solid "slice of life". creepy, too. Reminds me of how far you have come as a blogger and writer. been reading since the days of the story about ryan and nolan at the lumber store, talking about grinding a rail. ;-)
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I wish I had time to contribute more, but as a new vocational teacher teaching technology, I am having a similar experience every day. Not that I can explain it, but one of the new teacher things we're being taught is something called "multiple intelligences" which I know I will find a way to explain the way my head is wired.
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Definitely mark this entry for your next book or publication. Ending with the reference to Stand By Me was so perfect. For me, the first time I saw the movie was during college in Boston (BU) and Steven King came by to give a talk... just too freaky weird. I can't remember if I had read "Apt Pupil" in "Different Seasons" yet or not. It was because of "Stand By Me" that I bought "Different Seasons" to read "The Body". In those days, if it came out on video, it took a lot longer. My first experience with D&D was a few years earlier in high school. My best friend and I manufactured a way to play during study hall. We could have "no continuos talking". I know right where my books are. ;-)
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Wil, Be an uber geek and set the cut-off time to time_t time. (I can't believe I didn't know about this)
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