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The Heat will be a dangerous team in the playoffs. They are just very unmotivated. When motivated and on the same page they are a totally different team.
Enough is enough....pull Beasley.
Wade 8 of 10, 19pts. Efficiency pays off, incredible.
Wade at the PG, Dorrel at SG and Q Rich at SF is not a bad line up. Posted by: MikeS | January 23, 2010 at 08:42 PM --------- Not sure why we did not use this line up against the Bobcats.
Wade at the PG, Dorrel at SG and Q Rich at SF is not a bad line up.
Beasley operating at the top of the key and taking his man off the dribble makes sense against slower PF but against SF that can defend the perimeter it does not make any sense. He needs to get the ball in the low post. Not sure if it is the coaching why he is not making the adjustment.
Why is Beasley not asking for the ball in the low post?
I thought Spo was and understudy of Riley and not Phil Jackson. Spo is a philosopher. On the Washington game. "Tonight was about inspiring each other, inspiring your teammate with your effort, your motor, with your purity," a philosophical Spoelstra said. What does Spo mean by purity?
Why is Beasley not posting up Wallace. The couple of times they tried to feed him in the post the other team ends up with the steal. Heat is playing horrible maybe they celebrated too much last nite. That's the problem with these young teams.
I can't believe that it is so difficult to figure out why Beasley has low scoring second halves. It seems so obvious. They go away from him. Plus he has been in foul trouble too.
Haslem comes in the game and he immediately gets a zillion touches.
Q: It's quite obvious that the center and point guard positions are the weakest. Why does Spo' continue to start Jermaine? He has absolutely no lift in his legs, he can't finish wide-open layups, and cannot rebound in traffic. Why can't we just start Joel Anthony? -- James. A: I agree there has been minimal payoff from Jermaine, but it's not as if there is much of an alternative. I do not think Joel is qualified as tBhe starting center for a playoff team. ------------ JO or Beasley should be coming off the bench. Actually if you start with Joel then the offense can run through Beasley at the begining. With JO coming off the bench they can run it through him. And Wade can always get his shots whenever he wants.
Posted by: BigSarge - looking down the hill... | January 02, 2010 at 10:05 PM ---------------- The experts having going high in the draft. But the two games I saw him in, I was not impressed. One of the games was against Georgia Tech and Favors and Lawal ran rings around him.
Toronto is right on our tail for the 5th spot, the road trip is crucial. Posted by: hotleo20 | January 02, 2010 at 09:58 PM --------------- Pefect we will get their pick. We can use it as a good trading chip.
Like I said, the best player available, and/or an athletic, defensive-minded roughneck that has a good b-ball IQ, and a good b-ball attitude. By around 2015, this guy should be ready to rule the paint... Posted by: BigSarge - looking down the hill... | January 02, 2010 at 09:55 PM --------------- Wright and Cook not really cutting it when it comes to tough defense. Wright is decent but not tough enough. Especially after coming off of his injury.
Posted by: josh | January 02, 2010 at 09:50 PM -------- And that's how we get our cheap labor for role players.
Does anyone think we can possibly get Alabi, from FSU? I think Greg Monroe (G-Town) might be more realistic. Kinda early to think about it, hunh? Posted by: BigSarge - looking down the hill... | January 02, 2010 at 09:42 PM ------------- Alabi is a twig. We need a tough center not a lightweight.
Posted by: Beasleygotdaheat | January 02, 2010 at 09:32 PM ---------------- Quincy Pondexter (SF) for Perimeter defense and Dexter Pittman (C) are my two picks.
Off the subject...who do we get with our first round draft pick?
Our two best players are part time defenders. How can our identity be defense. We get raped by the other teams wing players. Our perimeter players have always sucked at defense and continue to suck.
Small ball changed the complexion and energy of the game.
Spo admitted that they did not adjust to the small ball.
We just lost to a team with a center rotation of Nazr Mohamed and Desagna Diop..... coaching doesnt matter. Posted by: kbboy80 | January 02, 2010 at 06:03 PM --------------- That's why Beasley should have played the 5.
Beasley was in foul trouble because he got his 4th early in the 3rd due to a careless turnover he made ------------ Beasley was in foul trouble because he could not guard Wallace. And Spo could not adjust.
Very disappointing game.