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Glorified pick up game sounds about right. Sure Galaxy fans are delighted the highest paid player in MLS ditched his team for a kick-about with his mates.
Kinda wanna see Rodgers-Agudelo, and you know they were gonna hold Titi out of some games this year. Rather have him miss some time now and be fresh and able to carry the team when we're missing guys for the Gold Cup.
because he's 34?
just look at the Red Bulls schedule over the next 3 weeks and tell me that's not insane: In LA, home to Chivas, in Houston, home to Colorado, in Vancouver.
MLS really has to do a better job scheduling. Scheduling 3 games in 7 days is tough enough and having to play the 2nd three time zones away is nuts. MLS teams do more traveling than their European counterparts to begin with, but the league should really make it easier on them by scheduling "road trips," like we see in hockey, basketball and baseball. There are enough teams in the Northeast/Mid Atlantic region that the Galaxy shouldn't have to trek across the country to play only one match.
Seems a little unfair that Vancouver would get the first overall pick in the Super Draft and Expansion Draft as well as first crack at allocations, discover players, etc...why not allocate all that stuff evenly between the two clubs?
I think this friendly should be used to salute the guys who made the 2010 cycle so memorable. We'll have plenty of time to break in guys like Tim Ream, Kevin Alston and Omar Gonzalez against regional minnows. That being said, I'm looking forward to seeing some new defenders worked into the team in the coming months.
I think, depending on Sunday's match, the Golden Ball winner will be either Villa or Sneijder. However, I think the best player in this tournament has been Bastian Schweinsteiger.
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2010 on Who should win the Golden Ball? at Soccer By Ives
are you kidding? Suarez's punishment is to miss a game, but had he not stuck his hand out Uruguay would be home and Ghana would be preparing for a match with Holland. Nobody is going to make him out to be a scapegoat for missing the game because his cheating is the biggest reason they're playing the game to begin with.
Also, I think Manuel Neuer's actions against England were far more unsportsmanlike. Suarez committed an infraction, accepted the call and the red card. Neuer saw the ball was over the line and acted quickly to deceive the referee and linesman. Surely those who think Suarez deserves a harsher suspension than the mandated one match should have called for Neuer to be held out of the quarterfinal.
Don't have a problem with Suarez's actions, but I'd explore changing the rule. It's one thing to deny a "goal scoring opportunity" but Suarez took away a goal. In circumstances like that, I'd like to see FIFA adopt a goaltending rule similar to basketball. Suarez cheated, got caught, got punished within the rules of the game yet the benefit out weighs the consequences astronomically. Before anyone jumps down my throat and claims I'm trying to Americanize soccer by making this suggestion I'll go on record as saying I kinda hate basketball.
Isn't Adin Brown with the Timbers? Could he be the answer in goal?
Ives, does the fact that Michael Bradley is likely to be our most important player going into 2014 factor into the Federation's decision on his father's future?
If Newcastle don't sign Fitz Hall on a permanent basis I could see it happening. It depends on how important playing first team football is. At Newcastle he'd essentially be cover for Coloccini and Taylor. If those guys are healthy, he isn't in the team.
Toggle Commented May 14, 2010 on What's next for Jay DeMerit? at Soccer By Ives
great to see three young American centerbacks on the squad.
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on SBI MLS Best XI (March/April) at Soccer By Ives
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Apr 30, 2010