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My favorite phrase, from John 1.14: ο Λογος σαρξ εγενετο. Just the idea that the logos and the flesh were put so closely here is awesome. And that this "word" became flesh. I especially love εγενετο.
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The easy explanation is that we are sinful, the difficulty is the why of pride vs. humility. Critical to our lives as believers is being saved by that grace of God in Christ, but I think many people lose touch with grace because they fail to realize how much they have been forgiven of. I don't know what it was that drove the man in Matt. 18 to neglect the forgiveness of the master, but somehow his pride got in the way and he became rather Pharisaical. It saddens me as well that we don't forget but neglect the grace of God in our Churches. It must be reversed- and only His Spirit graciously working in us can do that.
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Feb 1, 2010