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Jamaison Schuler, APR
Indianapolis, IN
Public relations professional working in the pharmaceutical industry
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Might depend on the industry the release is about? In my line of work, reporters have used the quotes I've included in press releases, and I take great satisfaction in that. These aren't just nickel publications, either -- I'm talking about major A-list newspapers. I use a quote to provide context but only if it's QUOTABLE, and not the "made up, overly crafted" kind that make you (and reporters) gag. Sure, my organization is guilty of several of those types of infractions, but the quotes in the releases that have my name on them are getting better (I hope!). I say that in the rapidly changing environment of newsrooms that the luxury of sparking interest that results in a phone call and interview is evaporating. So I'm an advocate of telling the story through the release and including meaty quotes. The likelihood that the reporter/intern/web editor takes it any further is shrinking daily...
I'm grateful that luncheon attendees are completing the survey after each event to let us know how things are trending so that we can course correct. The Hilton is a great venue for many reasons, and we hope to be able to work through the parking issues and not lose any attendees in the process!
Great video, but even better post.
Toggle Commented May 5, 2009 on Only Talking, Not Listening at Hoosier PRSA Blog
This is good stuff, Rodger. Thanks for sharing. We're certainly not using SMR at my office, and I would argue that we're not even at the SEO stage. This has some great info though to get us thinking more about the applications for us.
Very well done, Rodger. There are far too many examples of this out there...
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2009 on Do Marketing Big Wigs Get It? at Hoosier PRSA Blog
And he's a real nice guy!
And he's a real nice guy!