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James Dunfee
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Wil, can we buy tabletop swag? I want to support the show and saw the mug you used today on the show. Thanks!
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Wil curious on your thoughts. I get all the complaints about not being able to pay for just content on demand, but isn't the whole issue that people will just watch the show they want and then leave. For instance, right now you can watch all 20 episodes of Games of Thrones on HBO go. But if you had an HBO account to watch them over the last 3 months then you would have paid 3 times as much to watch them as they were released. I understand why I like having HBOGO that I can buy or TNT on Demand that I just buy, but isn't the problem that I'll just watch the season then cancel for a year and buy it again next year. There goal is to get permanent subscribers because cable needs people to want their stations in their cable packages. Thoughts?
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So did anybody else read this post and think "I'm with Starfleet, we don't lie." I do appreciate you being honest rather than just no showing though. Bad enough when people cancel, worse when they don't bother to tell you that they have cancelled.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2012 on Good News, Bad News at WWdN: In Exile
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Jun 2, 2012