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James Ha
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I'm still waiting for the day Nikon shoves a full-frame sensor into the body of an FM2 or FM3A camera. One dial for ISO, one wheel for Aperture, and one more dial for shutter speed. Small, built like a tank, and simple.
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2010 on You Can't Trust Rumors at The Online Photographer
For the longest time, I've been playing with Tri-X and Rodinal 1+25 to get the Ralph Gibson "look," but I could never come close enough. Or is it the way he prints? I don't know! My generation is witnessing the immense loss of all so much darkroom wizardry and knowledge as masters retire or move over to Photoshop and Epson, or sadly, pass away. There are no more people to teach us how to soup up Pyro, or proper ways to split filter print, etc. Many question the decade in which I'm living, but there is a certain joy and magic in the wet darkroom that computers will never, ever replace. Also, there is no printer that comes close in quality to a fiber print for me. Mike, can you do me a huge favor and ask Ralph Gibson for some tips on how he gets that look? Grainy, very high contrast without loss of detail, but ultimately not gimmicky. Just timeless. I've heard he overexposes and overdevelops, but I've never gotten it down nearly as awesome. I love his printing style, as well as Lillian Bassman's.
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Feb 2, 2010