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James Khoury
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I am an avid reader - I enjoy turning pages. There is something about the feel of paper under the fingers when I'm reading. That is for novels where I want to experience an interesting story. If I wanted it interactive I would watch a movie. On the other hand when I want a textbook rarely would I prefer a paper version over a searchable reference. I am reading it mostly for information and I'll already have a vague idea what to look for.
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2012 on Books: Bits vs. Atoms at Coding Horror
My company uses a similar method where the total number of items ("Results") are known we output page "placeholders" when a users stops scrolling at one of these placeholders we go and get that page worth of results and replace the pageholder. We know ahead of time how many results per page and we have a strict size per result so the placeholders have a height set at the same height the results would be (approx). This fixes the scroll bar issue and only loads up what the user wants to see.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2012 on The End of Pagination at Coding Horror
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Mar 27, 2012