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James Langan
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OR Evil Wil finally finds Sheldon's self destruct sequence, all are surprised when it consists of 43 Smurfs sitting in Sheldon's spot, Evil Wil smiles.
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Before that Smurfin' slut Smurfette showed up, Gargamel and the Smurf gang got along famously. Moral of the story...Smurf Bros before Smurf Hoes.
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HEY! I finally figured out how to comment on here...took me long enough. Wil, you're awesome, and that shirt is awesome to the power of a ridiculous non-zero number. Just really wanted to say thanks for inspiring me, as I've actually started writing again because of the wonder that is WWdN:IE. In the few months I've followed your blog, I've been made to laugh, been uplifted, been appalled (pretty much only at the clown sweater, and the Velvet Wesley), and a variety of other emotions. Anyway, long story short (too late), thank you for bein' the stylishly pimpin' personality you are...and 'cause I've always wanted to quote those people who didn't invite you to that Con, "Suck my fat one you cheap dime store hood(s)"
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Jan 27, 2010