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@peter, I agree on the 1.6 Hybrid - it would be great for the C and E. I would even go further and have a 0.8 PHEV for the C and smaller cars (or a serial hybrid, although that would be a different best entirely).
It is hard to know if this is good or bad news. (Technically, it is good news.) If the use it to create liquids that they would have created anyway, but with less CO2, it is good news. If it is used to create liquids from biomass, it is good news. However, if it postpones the switch to electric vehicles, it is bad news. + coal is the "worst" fossil fuel due to its high carbon content and all the other bad things in it.
"Allowing E15 to be sold year-round will help unleash the potential of cellulosic biofuels by creating more demand and marked headroom for the next generation of biofuels." I assume this is BS - all they want to do is sell corn ethanol, and they are using cellulostic ethanol as a green fig leaf. Also, is it a good idea to use 15% in summer when it is hot ? I have no idea. Must be OK as they have e85 in some places.
It strikes me we should be building electric ships rather than aircraft. Batteries are heavy and bulky. This is a big problem for an aircraft, but not for a ship. On the other hand, aircraft have relatively few designs, while ships seems to all be bespoke - so the design costs would increase.
@EP, well said. Your plan for the anti-nukes may be a bit harsh, but we had a solution to global warming there and they made sure that it could not be used. The craziest thing was the Germans turning off the nukes they already had running - just plain mad, IMO. At least the developing world is getting on with nukes - they don't have the same level of irrational fear of nukes that we have. Getting to 50% renewables in the electricity supply should be easy enough (with wind, solar and transmission lines, and storage to stabilise the grid), but beyond that, it gets harder (unless you have a lot of hydro). However, they should use gas to balance the grid, rather than coal which is the worst in terms of CO2, radiation, etc.
a: Note how the CO2 levels have gone up - this must be the new testing methods b: A CD of 0.23 is nothing to sneeze at- ideal for high speed cruising on the autobahns.
If it is aimed at the space sector, it might be very expensive, even if it is very good. Maybe the price will come down - who knows. Either way, I wish them well.
@harveyD, it will fly AFTER it hits them.
I think it is a great idea. They can put in a battery enough for 90% of your driving and use the range extender for the rest. The problem with pure EVs is that the batteries end up being way too large for normal use - you have a 60-80 KwH battery, mainly for spec (rather than use) purposes. With a range extender, you don't need to oversize the battery, and can build 2-3 cars with the battery capacity of one long range pure EV.
OK, it is a concept car, but please ... It will hit the first speed bump it meets. You won't be able to get it up a hotel car park ramp. You won't be able to get into it if you are over 50.
Amazing if it can be made economically. A really efficient H2O splitter would be a boon - or any improved catalyst that can split something useful.
Ammonia is a bit scary, and it is also a gas. [ Although it is used a lot in industry ]
It's cool, but it's not really "Green". I wonder what speed you could get from a normal 2L TSI engine in this body...
It looks like a serious attempt with a new platform. The batteries are under the floor, leaving loads for space for the occupants and luggage. VW are large enough to do this and still keep the current ICE cars going as well. Now, if they could find the space under the floor for a range extender, they could get by with (say) 20 KwH of batteries and use the range extender for the rest. Replace some the batteries with the genset, fuel tank and exhaust. If it only has to run in a very limited rev range, it should be easy to do (for VW). 20 Kw should be enough.
Should sell well in Europe if people really believe the NOx problems are solved. Which is the crux with diesel. are the NOx problems solved (or about to be) or is this another whitewashing?
Sounds like a big deal, if it pans out and scales.
The limit is based on CO2, which is a bit silly as CO2 is not a local pollutant, it is a global one. If it were based on NOx or some other measure, it would make more sense. A cyclist or pedestrian can be killed just as easily by an EV as by a diesel (and is more likely to hear the diesel).
You can either go full battery, or partial battery with charging while moving - something like a catenary that they use for trains, but on motorways, for trucks and buses. Alternately consider a PHEV approach with diesel or better still natural gas or biogas and go EV in built up areas. IMO, the wire charging is the best solution for long haul. You will have to establish a European standard and some way of keeping cranes and other tall vehicles from wrecking it.
Sounds good - 25% less energy used to make bioethanol. What's not to like - (the capital cost ?) Lets hope it works and scales.
Going for 100% renewables is just plain crazy. As many have said, the last 20% is the hardest part. Batteries won't cut it in terms of storage. You can bridge across nighttime OK most of the time, but trying to bridge across a several day still, cloudy period won't be economical. It is a GLOBAL problem: solving it 100% in one place and 20% in another is no good. Much better and cheaper to solve it 80% everywhere and use gas/nukes to balance the rest.
I am sure they have all this in China already. You could leave the car after a long drive with no social capital at all after a bad drive.
@EP, ok, but it still doesn't require 8GPs, or even 1 Gps. You could transmit speech with say 50 Kbps and a facial expression with (say) 32 bits per person per second - not much at all. Gaze flickers might be a bit unreliable.
I am not sure what you need such high speed connectivity for. Are you going to stream HD video to a car while being driven around ? You should be able to download maps occasionally, typically when parked. It looks like a solution looking for a problem to me.
Great possibilities to improve air quality in cities here, as long as the batteries have enough power and the vehicles can perform well enough. People use scooters for everything in places like India and Indonesia. If the battery is 1kwH, can you get 100 Km / KwH, I would doubt it. You might get 60 Km at a speed of 40 KpH (slow) from 1KwH. (according to an ebike simulator I found).,en.html# Still, a very good start, and I would think that 60 Km would be plenty for most people.
The solution, then, is to buy a used leaf. Otherwise, It would be interesting to try some more modern cars in it, from say 2014 - 2018.