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To boil depression leading to suicide down to the pithy phrase 'ragequitting' is highly insulting to the victims of depression and their families. You shame the memory of Aaron and undo his work. I suggest you take the post down. Ragequitting is what you do when you can't compete with your peers, suicide is what you do when you see the pain of death as being less than the sum pain of living. The view that clinical depression is within one's power to treat is the minority view of literature. The reality is that sufferers of depression frequently enter a "depression-maintaing cognitive-affecting" cycle (Teasdale 1988). Initial genetic predisposition to depression tends to induce the evaluation of ones life events in worse terms leading to greater feelings of helplessness and powerlessness if left untreated. This forms a reciprocally reinforcing relationship between the depressed mood and negative cognitive processing. In Aaron's case, he lost the ability to critically evaluate his own mood and to seek help when he really needed it. The death of Aaron Swartz is a reminder of many things. You should have highlighted the need for increased awareness of treatment options available to men (who largely seek treatment less than women do) rather than painting Aaron as a coward. I'm not going to join the herd tossing your salad when you fail to grok what depression is.
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2013 on The End of Ragequitting at Coding Horror
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Jan 30, 2013