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The price to a developer of doing this kind of deployment is that you have to be doing continuous testing. The implication is that if you want the benefits of continuous deployment you have to pay the price of writing and maintaining lots of automated tests, or the alternate price of releasing software and then finding out that it's broken and needs to be rolled back or fixed in a hurry. With a web-based service you can get away with a lot more of the latter using gradual rollout, but with something like a browser I'm not sure how you could just say "oops" and roll back a release. I wonder if there's a means of keeping the last couple of releases around on the client side, or pushing an "update" that's really a rollback once enough people have gotten the update to reveal a bug that was missed before release? I wonder how applicable this model is to smartphones, given that there is regulatory approval involved. FPGAs blur the line between hardware and software in a way that regulators are unlikely to comprehend...
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2011 on The Infinite Version at Coding Horror
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Jun 1, 2011