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greg, Not all of us here are the "Penn State crowd" and some of us have an actual reason to not really find much humor in that cover. Many of us, despite the broadbrushing, are sickened by the entire thing, and it goes well beyond football. At it's core, this is not about football....this is about an institution that employs many of us potentially enabling a child predator to operate in our community. One of our dear friends has the misfortune of living next to Sandusky. They have a six year old girl and a baby boy. They, along with Sandusky, share a border with an elementary school property. Throughout this past winter, Sandusky lounged on his deck while the children at the school were at recess. A recent court decision okayed this. He can be outside. Our friends have a difficult time explaining to a young girl why she can no longer wave at the man next door. She doesn't quite understand why, but she knows now he is a bad man, and this bad man is right next door. On top of this, we who are appalled and saddened by the scandal are constantly labeled "pedophiles" or "enablers" due to living here....including our friends. Just imagine how maddening that would be - it's YOUR FAULT this monster is next door, YOU enabled him. As if that's not enough, they also enjoy gardening. How would any of you like to have to worry that Jerry freaking Sandusky might be outside some 30 feet from you while you were trying to enjoy your garden? Yeah....didn't think so. This isn't even touching on the real victims of all this - the boys this lowlife raped. Their lives are damaged to an extreme that many of us can't imagine. For most of you, this is just something you can express shock over at the water cooler and then move on. For us in the area, and especially for our friends next door to Sandusky, this is something we will struggle with for a long time. And his direct victims may never get over it. You'll have to excuse us if we don't find any humor in it.
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Well, all I know is the stuff I grow that draws the most raves from people who eat them are...... Heirlooms. Orangeglo watermelon, Jimmy Nardello peppers, fish peppers, great white tomatoes, potato top tomatoes, red noodle beans, etc. etc. etc. etc. So I grow them because they taste good and gosh!......I don't mind a bit of work to keep them healthy. As for volume, my heirloom tomatoes consistently outproduce a neighbor who grow hybrids. Huh.
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2011 on NY Times: Are We Heirloomists? at Garden Rant
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I remember back in the early days of the Internet, there was a lot of talk of the Internet creating a global community where civil discourse will become more common, and there will be more understanding among people. My one friend, a psychologist with Pitt at that time, laughed at the notion. "That," I remember him saying, "is as naive as a farm boy on his first trip to the big city. In this case, the farm boy is the futurist, and the big city is human nature." It amazes me what I read, the venom I see. My nephew creates all sorts of Youtube videos, and I have advised him several times about trolls who attack him (report, report, report). Some of the stuff online is plain nasty, other comments are just sort of silly. For example, in the peanut allergy/bully story, the people who "never heard of this when they were a kid." Well, this isn't something parents invent - it's a real, documented condition with plenty of evidence. But, hey, why pay attention to reality when you can create your own. I will end with two simple words: Go Ike.
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2010 on The Ike Special at Cole Camplese: Go
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I was surprised that there is no multitask capability, and most surprised there is no cam. Hello? Content creation, Apple. You guys revolutionized it. No cam is exactly the kind of thing you would see, say, Dell do. In fact, I would put a little viewfinder screen on the back. Even though it is larger than an iPhone, it's not as unwieldy for shooting video as a laptop. I could see holding one of these up to snap a quick pic or shoot a quick video at a conference. Then incorporating that shot into a blog post, or a presentation, or a...... I am curious to see if version 2.0 has a cam.
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2010 on Lost in the Hype? at Cole W. Camplese
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