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Jamie Oberdick
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I thumb my nose at recommended spacing and plant my annuals in clumps. I start many of them from seed, which makes the my-yard-must-be-a-golf-course types I know recoil in horror.
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I agree with Dave. This is early on in the game. To say you are done with mobile apps now is like saying back in 1910 you are done with automobiles and back to horses because the roads are too bumpy. Or, a real life example, I once heard a person at a conference declare that we are at least 10 years away from the Internet being a force in retail sales due to it being too slow. This was in 1997. I think mobile apps for gardening can get better. I agree with Roger, Bento is awesome for garden records. The thing I am looking forward to is a rumored plant ID app that may or may not work with Google Goggles. Point your device at the plant, and you find out what it is. I work at Penn State in Teaching and Learning with Technology, and these mobile devices have great potential for teaching, including plants. I am currently working on a podcast about this: I can't wait, given I am a gardener. This is a cool project. Check it out.
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Jun 28, 2011