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Now we have our file unzipped, and it is a file type. nrg (if a. iso file, skip this step). by the way, how do you know what kind of file it is? To know this just right click on your file, then properties, and the window says "file type, and there it tells you the format." Well we have our file. nrg and we have to turn on. iso. How can you do that? Its very easy, download this program called "Ultra Iso" Then: Install the ultra iso, which comes with a serial number. Then after it installed go where we have our file. nrg. Next, open the ultra iso, we click on the above tools, then convert, then opens a small window. After that select up there on file. nrg format and put it in the middle. iso and put the bottom of the directory where you want this when you will be finish unpacking. Finally, it takes more or less depending on the wieght of the file. When you finish everything will be easier. To learn more about gaming technology see venturebeat. Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2011 at Jamievan MultiMedia
For all of you who have problems when you play games or programs that are posted here, well I made this little guide fully established by me, so here it goes. First of all usually are posted here games and formats. Iso, which is nothing but the complete information of the CD is like having the cd full engraving on the pc. Running these files is very simple, as explained below, if they were files. However, only a small program to convert format. iso, and used very easily, here is the guide: First, I download a game but it comes in parts, meaning that there are several link, so what do I do? The answer is very simple: First, download all parts, which is the same as downloading the whole link. then put the download in a new folder you create on your desktop or where you make it more accessible. Afterwards, open the file that says part 1 on its behalf in the open with WinRar. Then, I get a window in the top and below is some pictures of these says, adding, extraterritorial, check .... we are interested in a window that says extract. We click and open a smaller window, there are going to mark where we want the file you downloaded or play. Finally, after selecting where to save and give acceptance to start charging a bar, that is progress for the extraction of the file .... This process is called decompress. You can also get more information on mywebsearch. Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2011 at Jamievan MultiMedia
The sound, video, animation and interactive video in 3D is what is called multimedia. Some multimedia, called sequence, start playback as soon as you access the website. Others require pre-download the media file to your computer. The media often require that your browser use an add-on. Plugins: Plug-ins are small software programs that extend the capabilities of its browser, allowing you play sound and video clips or do other functions such as automatically decompress files you download. Supplements may be included with your browser software or can be downloaded from websites. Some plug-ins enable the sequencing of audio or video, allowing you to listen or watch a multimedia file before it has been completely downloaded to your computer. Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2011 at Jamievan MultiMedia
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Feb 2, 2011