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Janet McMonagle
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Very good article. But the problem with government is beyond the influence purchased by lobbyists such as the MPAA. The influence of the political elite, disguised as our elected representatives, is routinely bought, paid for, and traded by superpacs - who have no obligation to reveal the individuals who are truly in power. Interesting that the mainstream media has not given SOPA much coverage until this week. Gee, wonder why. There is going to be a revolution in this country by the time the elections are held. The mask is off, the electorate are realizing how little power we actually hold when all that is necessary to win is media manipulation to keep people scared and divided. I am old enough to remember 1968. The coming revolution will make that look like the good ol days. It is very unsettling to grow old in a country that is falling into such evil hands.
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Jan 18, 2012