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The comment above is not written by anyone who understands union contracts. Union contracts are only as good, including health coverage, as the workers can negotiate. Some plans are good, some are not, whether or not there is a union contract in place. There are people with disproportionate senses of entitlement in all walks of life, union or not. Union workers fight very hard for any improvements they get - and often the industry managements imitate those standards so that we think it was always that way. I have a newsflash - six day work weeks and twelve hour days were friendly "standards" prior to the labor movement. Someone had to stand up to get that - and others have to keep standing up to maintain it. If non-union folks don't get those standards, maybe they should think of organizing for collective bargaining instead of whining. Seeing other working people get justice is the price of maturity. Perhaps the riders (including me) need to grow up a bit.
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2010 on Who's Looking Out for the Riders? at I Hate DeCamp
Whether or not we might be inconvenienced, the DeCamp drivers have a right to expect paid sick days (they get none now)and to discourage DeCamp management from messing around with their pensions. These are expectations of all working people, and I support those goals for the drivers as well. I am only amazed that they sat at the table with management for over a year haggling about what most people expect in their jobs. While I have had no problem with NJ transit buses, the DeCamp drivers look like Jolly Joes compared to the dour driver I had this morning.
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2010 on Strike, Day 2 (Belated) at I Hate DeCamp
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Sep 7, 2010