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Interests: Not necessarily in this order: cooking, gardening, books, kayaking, gadgets, PDAs, miniature donkeys, knitting, human resources management and lots more.
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Great post! I start out with a monthly grid that I created in Excel. I use it to plan weekly menu lists along different categories such as legumes, poultry, seafood, dairy/eggs, slow-cooker and so on. I'm only cooking for two (spouse and myself), and we enjoy leftovers. I found that I was cooking too much when I tried assigning strict categories to days of the week, so I try to leave flexibility in the schedule and only plan to really cook full meals about three or four times a week, with leftovers, make-aheads, and slow-cooker soups and stews filling in for the rest. We try to eat local produce in season (supplemented by what I freeze and can), so I created a tab for each month that lets me create menus using what's likely to be in season and available that month. The Excel workbook worked fairly well, but was still a little too much effort since it's just menus, not the recipes or lists of needed ingredients. However, I just discovered - a free web app that makes it very easy to collect and modify recipes that I find online (or want to enter by hand). I can assign tags, print recipes, schedule them (can link to/display on my Google calendar) and create shopping lists. There's even a companion iPhone app. BTW, I'm not affiliated with Mealfire in any way, just a happy user.
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Mar 15, 2010
Well, shoot, they wanted a response yesterday, so I don't really know if our replies will be considered by the NWF. BUT the main issue for me is that they even felt the need to ASK if a corporate relationship such as they describe would be viewed favorably by their supporters. This has really soured my opinion of NWF. NWF is headquartered in northern Virginia. If they even paid attention to what is happening in their own back yard, they would know that the major sources of pollution in the Chesapeake Bay are excess nitrogen and phosphorus.
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Two words: horticultural vinegar? Who knew? I've been using the reg'lar ol' white vinegar from the grocery store. Is HV like high-test acetic acid? And where do you get it? Okay, so that was more than two words. I have more words, but will put them in another comment.
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