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I worked in a group home for behavioral kids for almost 3 years, and the most heard comment was parents saying, "They can't hide behind the TV, or their iPods" because they were not allowed in the facility. No TV, no iPods, no music that we couldn't hear also. Kids simply cannot communicate with their parents. We play cards with them, etc, but technology is, well, almost forbidden. When they transition back home we encourage a ''back to basics'' say where no tech is allowed. Its a sad state of the world when kids can't talk to their parents or even have a meal with them while looking them in the eye
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I have pictures of me in my bedroom @16 and it's plastered with you, Wil, and Corey Haim, Sean Astin and the like - A friend of mine saw a few of those pictures on my digital frame a few weeks ago and said, "Oh my god, you were such a geek, isn't that Wil something or another from Star Trek?!" I thanked her and told her I was not embarrassed in the least to have a grinning Wil Wheaton on my wall as a girl, even w/his swatch watches....
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Totally a DRATW kinna thing.... would make a wonderful background on my laptop.... Mmm
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Jul 25, 2010