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grieving nephew
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my name is jarron paige. my uncle was one of the men who was killed at 6902. i want to thank everyone with all of their kind words. being born and raised in k.c. we all know that trouble is not just on Prospect. Most of the serious crimes are in Jackson County but Johnson county has just as much. It is a shame to see that after 30 years the media and racist views of the city has not changed. The need to justify anyone as a "non-gangster" is obsurd. Once again thank you to everyone who has shown support for all the families involved. I already know the result of the so called police investigation.It will be another Biggie or Tupac. Unsolved. If it happened in Overland Park or a suburb such as Lee's Summit and the people involved were white they would have already have someone in custody. Stay strong family and friends. I love you unc