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If I am Ireland this is how I go about solving the QB problem: Order is mostly b/c that is timeline of how they become available. Get Manning; extend Moore for as long as you sign Manning for; draft a developmental guy (maybe even Tannehill @ 8). Get Flynn; draft a mid-round guy (rounds 3-5) to develop; draft BPA @ 8. Fake interest in both Manning and Flynn and give up the house this year for RGIII. Roll with Moore, i.e. extend him 3 more years. Move up to 3 or 4 to get Blackmon. Add Cousins, Wilson, Coleman later to delevop. We need to come out of this off-season with either RGIII, Manning, Flynn or Blackmon. If we get Manning or Flynn we should draft BPA in round 1. I did a longer version of this on Google Docs if anyone wants to read it:
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Feb 28, 2012