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I've always like the format of .aspx or .jsp aren't formats (they are technologies for generating HTML or XHTML). On a site I used to run called radiomixtape I had the following URL structure The .html was a full HTML webpage with the list of songs, an embed player to listen to them and links to share the mix tape as well as discover the artists on it), .xml was a clean XML representation of the tracks (and used by) .swf was a Flash Animation (which grabbed its track list by calling loadXML on its own URL but substituting .swf for .xml, really easy to make). .jpg was a generated cassette tap spine with the name of the mix tape written in a permanent marker font, and .pls was a WinAmp compatible play list of the songs in the mix tape. This was all accomplished with URLRewriting and a small set of servlets. Man I miss that code.
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Jul 14, 2010